Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

Hello Hello-

I am finally home after a fiasco of a trip to the Midwest. Let me just tell you that having 3.5 days of delays on your trip in the front and the back are annoying!!

But alas, i'm not here to complain because I have a bunch of champagne in my fridge accompanying a bunch of cheese and crackers so with that being said!

HAPPY NEW YEARS! Can't believe its already 2010!! Wowza. What were you doing when it turned 2000?



Friday, December 18, 2009

i'm alive...

barely. I had the flu pretty bad this past week. It must have been all the cleaning I've been doing. Yeah that's right. I'm allergic to cleaning! Not doing it anymore.....

Its been uber busy over here between being sick and needing to get everything finalized before our trip back to WI. We've had a great month with Jack and Till through Etsy and doing a few little craft fairs. I'm excited for the last week of December. I will have a full week off with Jack to plan/create/expand our business. Its hard to nail him down with him having a full time job and all. So it will be nice to work on some upcoming projects for etsicle that we have.

Right now, my computer is full of printed Holiday cards that need to be signed, mailed and delivered. I'm hoping that I can use my time on the flights to do address Christmas cards. I am always so late with this I need to get my act together next year.

There are so many things that I wanted to do this year that I haven't even gotten around to doing!

1. Watch my favorite holiday movie - Rudolph The Red nosed Reindeer from the 50's

2. Try to make fattigmand. I might do this one back home with my grandma the expert.

3. Go Ice Skating

via tumblr

4. Watch Elf

5. Make Christmas Crafts

via tumblr

but I have been doing lots of this-this week.

via tumblr

1 more day till I board an airplane to a frigid place. The weather is predicting a high of 37 with a low of 12 degrees during the time that I'll be back in Wisconsin. Le Burr is all I got say.



Friday, December 11, 2009

Lazy Days..not!

Today has been one of those days where apparently I had a bug up my ass because I've been deep cleaning my kitchen and bathroom all day. Now we just made homemade marshmallows again and now melting moments cookies and there is cornstarch and flour all over the place. Oi Vay. Why clean?

Looking through my photo's last year to see what I was up to and apparently I was making Krumkake's. A traditional norweigan cookie. So nummy. Maybe I'll be making a batch of these tonight as well....Hee Hee.



Thursday, December 10, 2009


Just got one of my early Chrimmy presents! Jack is taking me to go see the Nutcracker this Sunday! I absolutely can't wait until Sunday. I've wanted to see this ballet for a really long time because 1.) i'm obsessed with ballet 2.) its like one of the most classic ballets that everyone has seen 3.) I was a sugar plum fairy when I was little ( but have no memory of it besides a purple tutu.

To top it all of Jack drew these insanely cute little ballet people ( the backside says -good for 1 nutcracker ticket). Love it! Hopefully will have some pictures from the show this weekend to show!



Wednesday, December 9, 2009

You might remember

this post. Well apparently this blogger had completly redone her blog and has put up some more new art. I am in love with her style and adore this snow white pic! ahhhmazing.

You can check out her other work here.



Tuesday Night Ritual

I'm a big fan of pizza. Something about it to me is like the perfect combination of stuff. Bread, cheese and some form of tomato. Narm. Usually on Tuesday evenings we have pizza and watch Biggest Loser ( the irony is killing me). Normally the pizza consists of evoo, fresh mozzarella, fresh tomato and a sprinkling of fresh basil and salt as soon as its hot out of the oven. Last night the earth must have shifted because I had a taste for a greek pizza ( probably inspired by the nummy looking one our friends got on Sunday). So we tried to re-create it and it tasted pretty darn yummy.

So we snagged a boboli crust at the store because I'm too freaking lazy to make my own and we like a crispier crust rather than a super doughy one. Also, we steamed up some veggies to make it a little bit healthier. Though I'd rather just have pizza. Yeah that's right I'm a semi vegetarian who doesn't like vegetables ( maybe I'm just bored with them!)

Raechel and Jack's Greek Pizza

1 Pizza Crust ( a sweeter whole wheat crust is awesome!)
1 Tomato
1 small container of feta, green and black olives preferably soaked in evoo with Mediterranean spices (We picked ours up from the olive bar at the grocery store . This is what gives the pizza the flavor. A good sub would be flavored feta and olives that are in flavored oil or you could try to concoct your own type of herbs to put on the pizza)

Prepare your crust ( if you made your own-cook it / if you're using a premade - take it out of the bag). Strain the evoo from the olives onto the pizza and spread around the crust. Crumble the feta generously around the pizza and then chop/crumble the olives. Top with sliced tomato and cook pizza on a **stone at 425-450 for about 10 mins.

** now I realize that not everyone has a pizza stone but if you make your own pizza even 1x a week then buy a freaking stone! They're like $10-20 depending on what model you get ( ours came with a lazy susan and a pizza cutter) at Bed Bath and Beyond. Its totally worth it and makes your crust that much better on a pizza.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Now it works...

So the picture I was trying to upload yesterday is now able to be uploaded!

This is a pic from the backdoor of my house looking towards the garage. I love the rain and miss it so much. I love how green and fresh everything looks after a rainfall. I love the smell of the rain, dewey, fresh, and grassy smell. Rain feels like a fresh start here in LA where the days all seem to run into each other and start to blend.



Monday, December 7, 2009

Did Saint Nick visit you?

He came to our house and brought us both lots of goodies! Incase you don't know what Saint Nick's day is or as the Netherlands call it Sinterklauss. Click here.

For me he brought some pretty red flowers, a half bottle of La Crema Pinot Noir, some nuts, a big piece of chocolaty caramel. For Jack, he brought Tim Tams, a Barnes and Noble gift card and some vanilla flavored almonds.

Its raining cats and dogs in LA today. I absolutely love it! I'm trying to upload a picture on blogger but its keeping on giving me an error. WTF. Sigh.



Sunday, December 6, 2009

Silverlake Art Craft and Vintage Fair!

Hey Kids if you reside in the LA area make sure to stop on by and say hi to us at the Jack and Till Booth! We will be here from 10 a.m. till 4 p.m. today!



Friday, December 4, 2009

Its Friday again, already!

Man oh man this week flew by! Part of Jack's Christmas present is that I have put together a little basket with 24 envelopes ( 1 to open till Christmas eve!) Todays evnvelope is going to ICE in Santa Monica and going ice skating. Last year we went right at the tale end of the season and had so much fun so I think this year we're going to try and get in a few more skate sessions!

A pic of us from last year

I'm even toying with the possibility of getting my very own pair of skates. The park is free but costs $10 to rent a pair of skates.

What's your favorite holiday activities?

Happy Weekend Friends! Oh by the way if you're a friend of the blog click over on the right side and add follow on your blogger account! or add me on twitter where I update much more often!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Oh Boy..

I think I just found a new guilty pleasure! I decided to start watching Season 1 of Dexter online and I think I've created a monster. I'm hooked now! Argh! I wish I had a TV in every room so I could clean while watching Dexter! Right now I can only watch it while "working."

In case you haven't seen it you should definitely check it out on instant netflix ( which is my other guilty pleasure!) I get so much out of the instant netflix then I do out of the real movies by mail.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

3 days later...

and I'm still incredibly sore from my Monday ballet class and I'm going to combat it by going to another ballet class tonight. Mainly because my favoritest teacher in the whole world is going to be there but secondly I'm hoping to stretch out my calf muscles so they dont' feel like they're on fire.

So Christmas is right around the corner and I finally submitted my christmas list to the family and I'm hoping to get clothes. I could use some other stuff but I REALLY want clothes. I guess in this tough economy ( waa waa) its the one expense I really can't justify. I mean I don't go anywhere and I dont' need luxurious yoga pants to hang out at my house ( or do I?) SO keep your fingers crossed my Anthropologie wish list will be emptied!!

So speaking of wish lists.. if i had an extra say $500 laying around I'd totally splurge on these ( maybe..that is a lot of money)

They're lanvin leather ballet flats and they come in a powdered blue box with a tie ribbon
(OMG) as to quote RZ " I Die". I could live in these bad boys. I would live in them. If I paid $500 for a pair of flats you better darn tooting bet that I'd wear these shoes everywhere. A while back Planet Blue was selling a similar pair but they were manufactured by a ballet footwear company. I wanted those bad boys but they were still about $200. Way to much for me. My max cap is like $100 and I better want to cut someones throat for that price. At least for flats, boots are a whole other subject.

On that note of my crazy rantings about how I'm going to slit throats for shoes I'm outta here! ( P.s. i dont cut throats for shoes, just handbags and accessories!)



Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Could Taza of Rockstar Diaries be anymore awesome? She is like this amazing talented julliard dancer (gush), has an awesome line of headbands, an adorable hubby and always has amazing posts. Her latest post about this band is driving me nuts. I am in a deep love affair with this band now. It reminds me of a female version of Ray Lamontagne - heavy folksy songs with beautiful voices and harmonies. OH EM GEE...I'm in big trouble. I wonder if they have an LP out. I think they do ( I might sound dumb but is a 12" the same as a standard LP? I'm kind of new to this record buying lingo)

Anyways, these girls are super amazing.

First Aid Kit - A Take Away Show from La Blogotheque on Vimeo.



I love having an artistic boyfriend...

when prepping for Thanksgiving I asked Jack to write down what we'd be having for dinner and he did but also drew a cute little sketch of "us". We joke that I'm so domestic that its like we're an old school style 50's couple. He just needs a sweater vest and a pipe. I already wear a dress and apron when cooking!

I found this sketch when getting ready to set the table and pinned it up on our kitchen magnet board but it was too cute not to share!



Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Wrap up / Christmas Beginning

Well Hello!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We sure did. I was busy all day Thursday cooking up a storm and had a few friends over for the afternoon and had a bonfire in the evening. We had gorgeous 70 degree weather for Thanksgiving. What more could you ask for? ( well maybe snow...)

I got to admit. I really like Thanksgiving and stretching my culinary muscles but I really like to get it out of the way so I can start decorating and celebrating Christmas. It almost seems like there isn't enough Christmas time to celebrate. Every year I go home to Wisconsin and while I love the snow and being there I miss those days of being at my own home and being around our Christmas tree and our decorated home. Its just not the same to spend it somewhere else.

So last night we went and got a tree and started to decorate it. While Jack got it all set up in the stand and strung with lights I popped over to the kitchen and started to whip up a batch of homemade marshmallows. Ok, Lets just stop and talk about these insanely scrumptious treats. I've been reading about them on blogs about how they taste so much better, blah blah blah. I thought...sure..I guess they probably taste a bit better. Usually homemade stuff does. No, these are amazing! Especially in homemade hot chocolate. They just melt and get all soft and gooey. My life has forever been changed by these SIMPLE amazing marshmallows.

I followed Martha Stewarts simple recipe. The only thing that I would say is difficult is if you've never made any type of "candy" before. In step 2 she refers to a soft ball stage ( 238 degrees) on the candy thermometer. The way that I have learned to do this when making caramels. Is to take your spatula and get a small amount of the boiling liquid on the end and drop into a small dish of cold water the liquid. Then with your finger you should be able to pick it up and roll it into a softish ball of candy. If its at the right temperature it will do this. I tried this at 235 degrees and it stayed all liquidy and didn't firm up so I needed to wait 3 more degrees till it was ready to be removed from the pan.

A few more tips:
I highly recommend using a kitchen aide type of mixer ( not sure if a hand mixer would even work). After you've cooked your liquid you add it to the gelatin and it needs to whisk on a high speed for 12 minutes. You're arms would fall off if you used a hand mixer I'm guessing. Also, get a candy thermometer. They are inexpensive and will save you lots of time/guessing as to when your sugar mixture is done.

Spray the cookie sheet first with spray oil then cover with parchment paper, spray the paper with oil and then do a light dusting of cornstarch over the paper

When your marshmallows are firm. Flip the cookie sheet over on to a clean work surface ( i flipped it right side up in the cookie sheet) so the parchment paper side is up and remove the paper and do a light dusting of cornstarch over the new exposed side.

Lastly, when cutting the marshmallows ( either in shapes or cubes) I dusted my cookie cutter/knife with corn starch to help cut and when the shape/cube was cut I dusted the sides ( sticky) with more cornstarch. This helps them from sticking in the fridge if you're going to store them. I ended up cutting them into a mitten, bell and star shape and throwing them into a Tupperware container.

I hope you can muster up the courage to make these because they are super simple ( even if it appears that they are difficult) and delicious!



Thursday, November 26, 2009

Here ya go!

I put together a little Thanksgiving day playlist! Enjoy! Its kind of supposed to be chill background noise so sorry if its slow and boring!

By the way, the first song is a bit crazy but its the only real Thanksgiving song I could find!

Music Playlist at

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I've been trying to maintain blogging everyday if not at least everyother day and already its almost Thursday and I just blogged on Monday! Bad bad bad!

I don't have much to say. Things are busy over here in LA. I am letting pie #2 cool. Pie #1 is a pumpkin pecan pie. One of us, ahem not me, doesn't really care for pumpkin pie. So I compromised by making a pecan pie with pumpkin filling. It smells rather heavenly and I think will be a good buffer to the overly sweet pecan pie filling ( which by the way I think is amazing). Pie #2 is just plain old pumpkin. I thought that I could get away with just baking a non traditional pie but after pie #1 was cooling I started having regrets! Plus, I already had pumpkin pie in a can, evaporated milk and another crust ready....So for 4 people we are having 2 pies. Seems even right?

Also, we're making a tofurky. Kind of scared about this. We weren't going to and then last minute we changed our minds. On the bright side if its absolutely disgusting we have plently of other yummy sides to fill up on!

ok my dears! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families! Hug everyone a little tighter tomorrow and be thankful that you have wonderful people in your life!



Monday, November 23, 2009

Oh Boy.

So I'm having problems uploading my photos to facebook and blogger so for today we will forgo the pictures from the fair this past weekend.

I'm watching on Insant Netflix a really beautiful documentary called "Ballerina." Focusing on the russian ballet and what the girls go through at the young age of 6. Its beautiful and much to be admired about these girls! I wish I had 1/3 their skill! Deffinetly worth checking out if you're a ballet fan!

via google and the Netflix link

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Silverlake Art Craft and Vintage Fair!

Come out and check us out at the Silverlake Art Craft and Vintage Fair tommorow from 10-4! We will be at our booth, Jack and Till.

Here's a little sneak peek of some of the merch! We've been super busy all weekend long creating the display piece and finishing up t-shirts!



Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Blueberry Cool Brew Green Iced Tea

I :heart: you. Like a lot. So much that I got my favorite giant red coffee mug out of the back of the cupboard to make you in.

Love yours always,


p.s. incase your snooping and reading my love letters this is what i'm referring to. Pick some up ASAP! Nummy iced green tea in 5 mins. What more can you seriously ask for?

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Fats Waller

I have a special place in my heart for listening to vinyl records. I absolutely love the crackly crispy warm quality that comes out from the record players. Plus you can get steals on great records of past great musicians. Lately, I've been listening to this giant TIME magazine sponsored vinyl set of Jazz Greats. I think the first 4 are all of Fats Waller.

This is one of my favorite songs below

I'm also a huge fan of django reinhardt

and least but not last one of my favorite french records

I know these few songs are quite a bit different from my music selection yesterday but they just are so charming. I love to put on a few good records and drink some great wine. They make such great background noise for a party too!

Hope your Tuesday brings you lots of good music (and wine)


Monday, November 16, 2009

I could spend hours

on this website creating playlists.

MySpace Music Playlist at

this is what i'm listening to today. its all pretty slow and chill music. I'm just in a mood to relax



Old Patterns

I could wear a hole in a floor with how much I love going to the same places. I don't mean to do it but I like comfort. I don't like to be disappointed and I don't like to disappoint those people who work at my favorite haunts.

I'm talking about my favorite restaurants. We always go to the same places when we go out. For a nice dinner we go to Silverlake and go to Cliff's Edge, for sushi we go to Miyako, for Indian we go to the place by our house, and for Thai we go to Chan Dara which is literally in our alley but for some reason this weekend we put a toe outside of the box.

Drum roll please......We tried Ethopian Food and absolutely loved it! In Los Angeles there is "Little Ethiopia" and its on Fairfax also nicknamed "Ethiopian row". We were driving back from Ikea and wanted something good for dinner but didnt' want any of our usual ( could this be?). So we decided to try ethiopian food.

So we used Urban Spoon ( iphone it!) and found, Rahel Ethiopian Vegan Restaurant. It was amazing. We split a millenium special for 2.

This isn't exactly what we had but it comes out like this. Little mounds of stew and served with this spongy pancake that has a slight sourdough flavor. Its actually the brown part under the stews in the above image. The meal also came with a big basket of the spongy part and that is what you ate with. There were no forks, spoons, knives, etc.. ( though an obnoxious table of 10 teenagers did order forks). If you've never had Ethiopian its very similar to Indian as far as texture but different spices. My favorite was a carrot and potato stew and the split pea stew. The perfect compliment to all these spicy stews was a fresh coconut juice. Yum. Over all the experience was really good and it hardly hurt at all to step outside of our comfort zone! The only part that was not so good was the service. There was one waitress for about 15 tables and we had finished eating and waited almost 30 minutes to be able to flag her down for a check. A little disappointing because of service but the food far out weighed that part.

Upon doing a bit of research it appears that Rahel also used to own Messob which is next door to Rahel's restaurant. So maybe our next trip down there we will check out Messob.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Get your craft on!

Hey Friends-

Our online shop Jack and Till will be a vendor at 3 Silverlake Craft and Vintage Fairs in November and December for the following dates 11/22, 12/6, and 12/13. we hope you can all come out and visit us and say hi! If you live to far away don't worry about it! We have an etsy store that you can purchase products through!

Happy Friday!

xoxo Raechel

P.S. I think I have a serious obsession with 60s style drawings. Love it.


Thursday, November 12, 2009

I want to be Parisienne

this new perfume commercial is to die for. I have a serious weakness for all things sexy. I also love these chanel commercials too!

I'm going to go find my leather dress and buy some roses.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Love it.

So I was copying the photo's from my iphone and ahem... I have 398 pictures on it. OMG....Needless to say I don't remember every single photo on there but I forgot about this one. Its of our feet at the Hollywood bowl and I love it.

I surprised Jack with tickets to see Ray LaMontagne this past summer. It was a warm beautiful night and Ray LaMontagne just has this sultry sexy voice that could make anyones panties drop ( hi mom! dont read that part) and the hollywood bowl is gorgeous. It was also amazing because the LA Philharmonic was playing with him. OMG. I can tell you that it was by far the best concert I've ever been to ( sorry DMB! you're really really really amazing as well!)



Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Impromptu trip to San Francisco

So I have not gone to alcatrez, rode on a cable car, or walked across the Golden Gate Bridge but what I have done is drank my way through some great restaurants in San Francisco. Two of my besties live up there and one lives in the city and makes it her job to try every cool place so that when I come to visit I have somewhere absolutely fun to go!

So Friday night we started at the Tipsy Pig for some drinks and food. They have this amazing drink called Strawberry fields and its crushed strawberries, vodka, simple syrup and other good things and these things are amazing. Its got a really cool pub feel going on and really great food!

We sat in the far right corner by the wall and a really awesome touch that they do is when they bring you the receipt it is in an old book. Love it. After that we met up with some friends and went to some pubs.

On Saturday we headed down for bloody mary's, mimosa, deviled eggs, and biscuits at the Elite Cafe. Where we made great friends with the tender of the bar and he hooked us up with drinks and even made some of his own personal cocktail creations for us. Let me say I am a huge fan of his espresso martinis. narm.

Also, girls if you're going out for breakfast sit at the bar and make friends with the 'tender! You will have a way better experience...Just sayin.

Fast forward to my last day up there and we decide to do a walking tour of SFO. First we, got coffees and wandered around Fillmore St. which is filled with really cool shops and restaurants. We decided to do lunch at Dosa, which is a South Indian restaurant. We had such good food and we both had elderberry mimosas. Yum.

Then we headed down to Japantown and walked through the little mall to walk off our lunch. When were done there we headed down to the Clift Hotel, which is an awesome Phillipe Starke designed boutique Hotel. How awesome is this giant chair in the lounge? Plus, I love all the mismatched chairs in the lounge.

We hung out for a bit in the lounge waiting for their bar to open which is called the Redwood Room and rumor is the entire wood covered bar was made from one giant redwood tree back in the '20's. How effing cool is that?

We had a cocktail here and decided to do some more wandering to other bars . We tried to go to Bourbon and Branch. A really awesome speak easy bar/lounge but when we got there no one was answering their doorbell ( which btw you have to give a password at). So we ended up wandering to an Irish pub and grabbing a pint .

At this point we were a bit hungry so we headed down to Betelnut which is an amazing asian fusion restaurant. The Best part is the wait staff wheres these really awesome little costumes. Loved it in there and the food was to die for!

After this we headed back to the house and fell asleep. I had a long day of driving ahead of me on Monday and we were both tired from our debauchery all weekend long. Maybe one of my most favorite parts of the trip was on Monday morning we walked a block down to her local coffee shop and the city was so sleepy and beautifully quiet. For being right in the middle of the city you would have never guessed how serene it could be. I love SFO.



*all pictures were borrowed from a quick google search.

Monday, November 9, 2009



I have a shop on etsy and recently a friend directed us to this website that blogs about the worst etsy finds and omg some of them are hilarious. I mean I feel bad. I know that I spend a lot of time creating my etsy items and I would never want someone to put me on blast on the internet for having bad stuff but some of the items people put up are a little OMG.

Enjoy having a good laugh over on regretsy

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Can we just talk about

how much I love graphic design. I could never do it myself but I love the way well done graphic design looks. I'm such a sucker for great labels. I think I've mentioned it before in another post about how I have the nerdiest dogs because their "dad" won't let them have the cool well designed dog food. Anyways, the point of this is not about dog food but about this great little paper store that I absolutely love their design.

French Paper is awesome. I absolutely love their color selection in papers, the graphics of their laels, and etc...

I really want this poster from their website but I'm not quite sure where I would hang it because my walls are backed to the brim already....sigh.

So I'm going to go be a label whore and drool over their beautiful papers and amazingly designed packages.



Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Vampire's Assistant

On Halloween we didn't end up doing anything that was really Halloween-ie per say but I did manage to drag Jack to the theater to see this teen flick. I knew deep down that it was going to be very teenage-y and probably not the best movie but I was in the mood for it.

I didn't love the movie but it was entertaining enough. I liked John C. Reilly's character a lot and he had some good one liners and Selma Hayek was a funny beard growing lady who's bear grew when she was turned on by a man ( which would really suck!) . Over all it was probably a 2/5 stars movie but worth checking out if you like those kind of corny halloween movies that I can't get enough of! One of my favorite corny halloween movies is from the 80's and is soooooo corny but I can't help but watch it every single year is:

Worst Witch

Teen Witch

Oh gotta love those 80s cheesey movies. What's some of your favs? You know i've never seen "pretty in pink". I suck.



Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Day 3

and all I can think of is shopping... Oh God this is going to be a long 2 months. So instead of concentrating on what I CAN'T buy lets look at what I DID buy before I lost my mind....

I picked up this super cute cotton shirt from Anthro on clearance for $19.95 ( what omg!). Even though I curl my lip at the thought of having 80 degree days in November I do really like the fact that I can buy summery shirts on clearance at Anthro for 19.95 and where them year round. If I did my math correct that is like getting it for free!

Anyways, I digress. So here is my new outfit that is getting me through not being able to shop!



+ ( a louis vuitton purse that the handles/leather has turned the carmely color)

I've personally choosen to wear silver with the outfit because I have more long silver necklaces and I also bought a new ring that I really wanted to wear.

but with the brown/carmel color I could definitely see someone rocking some gold pieces.

So if you see me for the next two months wearing this outfit because I have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING else to wear since i'm not "allowed" to shop please don't judge me!



p.s. i did decide to center align my text today. i know what is the world coming to?

Monday, November 2, 2009


Dear Mr. Shopping-

I have meant to talk with you before this but it always seems to slip by. See this shopping thing we've got going on just doesn't work. I've been having a deep love affair with you for way to long and every time I think that we've broken up you lure me in with your shiny packaging and pretty things. Its over.....well until January 1st.



via I'm going to try a shopping hiatus. Not sure how this is going to work or if at all. I'm not going to buy any new clothes, jewelry, shoes, purses, etc...for myself until January 1st! Thank god I only have 59 days left. Phew this is going to be rough.