Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Rain, Rain, Come again...

Its supposed to have rained in LA yesterday and today. I'm really wishing for it but it hasn't shown up yet! Le Sigh. I really love the rain and I know with the warmer weather it means I won't see it again for the next 6-8 months. boo! I really need to move to a rainier place.

Cupcakes and Cashmere has some wonderful rainy day options up! How cute is that jacket?


P.S. here's a link to some of my other blogs about rain! Just click the tan word!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Back to work for this one..

I went in for 2 interviews yesterday and one called me back and wanted me to start this morning. So I'm off! Loved this cute little illustration of a girl at work.

image via weheartit

For those who are curious! I am going to be working at a visual effects house in Santa Monica, California working on feature films as a production assistant. It was the field that I wanted to work in and so instead of getting a job anywhere I waited until I was hired to work in this particular field! I guess waiting paid off for me! I do apologize if postings are light for the upcoming weeks as I transition from being unemployed to employed!



Thursday, March 25, 2010

Heaping Mess of Jewelry

Since I'm fun-employed I'm really trying to get my life/house in order while I have the time. I'm painstakingly going through boxes of crap, rearranging my closet, getting rid of clothes that are out of style/don't fit, and etc... One of my projects that has been kind of collecting everyday is my jewelry stand. The little necklace tree I have was practically falling over from the weight of too many necklaces and just looked like a mess, which in turn makes the whole area look like a mess even when its not. Today, I spent nearly an hour untangling, organizing, sorting and cleaning up this hot mess of a necklace rack.



It's not perfect but right now it is separated by silver and gold jewelry. I'm trying to employ an idea that if I don't wear/use something in a year it needs to get moved to either the donate bin or into hiding until I'm ready to part with it.

Sorry for such a short post but I'm off to get sushi with Jack for dinner. Our favorite waitress works on Thursdays nights so we want to go while she's there!


P.S. Does anyone else think that tarnished cheap jewelry smells awful? So many of my cheapie/fashiony necklaces from forever 21 are tarnished and smell awful. Blech.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Get your list on!

As much as it annoys me to admit this. Mom was/is right. Making lists do help to keep you organized and on track. I was reading Pancake and French Fries blog today and she mentioned this amazing new online list program- TuexDuex. Its free for this version, in the near future they might create a slicker version that costs but this one is pretty awesome. I do have to say that I do quite enjoy buying pretty paper and making lists on that but this also appeals to me in the modern approach where I want to be able to have nothing but a computer on my desk feel.

Online list that can be accessed anywhere
Sleek, Minimal Design


You have to have internet access to access it
Wish it would automatically organize by time
Wish I could have it run on my desktop and access it from there or my iphone ( in the future!)

Here's a snapshot of my screen with my new list! There's not too much on it yet. Click on the image to make it larger.



Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring has sprung

My perfect day would start with a breakfast picnic underneath these pink trees.

Then I would go find some soft and cute animals to hold like this pretty brown hen

or maybe this cute little lamb with a funny face.

Then I'd decorate my little cottage

with lovely things like this wreath filled with eggs and feathers.

Later on, we'd decorate cupcakes with pretty pastel sprinkles

and invite friends over for lunch.

And when the day is all done we'd hang out underneath our favorite tree.

That would be my perfect spring day.


p.s. all images via

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Only once a year...

do I ever want a Shamrock Shake. I don't even really like them but its more of an irrational desire and a need to celebrate the holiday! ( Not like Eggnog latte's which are the devil reincarnated every Christmas...its seriously the best thing ever) Anyways, after dinner we put on our shoes and we walked (~ 3 miles round trip) to get a minty Leprechauny treat last night. It took almost an hour round trip but it made the badness of the shake not as bad. FYI, in case you're thinking about getting one, the shake has 82 grams of sugar or roughly 1/3c of sugar. Wow-za good thing I had ballet class and we walked ~3 miles to get this shake last night.

So we tried to take a picture of us enjoying the shakes but a few problems 1) camera phones really aren't very useful at night 2) I look awful after ballet class 3) I'm in the shadow of Jack's head. 4) I dropped the color in photoshop but I'm not sure if it helped or just made it worse...oh well.

Hope everyone had a wonderfully green holiday yesterday!


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Run, dont' walk...

to your nearest Trader Joes. I've found the most amazing snack. Freeze Dried Blueberries or Strawberries. They come in at around $3 a bag and make for the most excellent crunchy sweet snack. I've been looking online for a pic but can't find one!

Berries are hella expensive. Hello, $11 for a pack of 3 raspberries this weekend but these are affordable and last a lot longer! In the bag you get an insane amount of fruit. It will tell you but almost like a 1/2 pound before freeze drying. I ended up taking these to the movie theater on Friday and they solved my munchies. Also, if you don't have a TJ's near by you can get the "Just Veggies" brand of freeze dried fruits/vegetables but they are nearly double the cost. Le Sigh. I've been looking on Amazon to see if I can buy them in bulk to save some $$. Also, some info on dried vs. fresh berries here. Just make sure when you're buying these that you look at the back and make sure no added sugar is involved and you're good to go!



Coffee Table

I want a new one. This is my current coffee table but dyed the darker stain.

It was formerly our dining room table so when we moved we bought this new table.

Then we ended up cutting down the legs on the top table so it was proper coffee table height but I hate how it looks.

These are few options from room and board that I like.

Love this molded plywood Eames duplicate.

But what I'm really in love with is this type of coffee table

Ok, so when looking over the differences in my furniture I get it. There is a huge leap between this and an Eames molded plywood table. I guess my style is similar to Anthropologie/Eclectic. I want something funky/interesting/ or I want something classic. Argh. The dilemmas. Also right now our coffee table currently has a couple of baskets underneath it to store things that we have no place to put. If I switch to one of these coffee tables that would have to be eliminated. Another big issue for concern. Le sigh what is a girl to do.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Free Shipping!

Free shipping on any purchases from 3/15-3/21 at M.A.C. Sounds like a good idea to stock up on the basics and get any essentials without having to go to a store!

This is from one of their older collections but loved the images of the raspberries with contrast of the makeup! They've just launched some new collections for summer and as usual they are fabulous! Also, Viva Glam is a great way to try out a new color and support the research of AIDS. Also, if you love the collections but your store is often sold out sometimes the online store has them available!



Monday, March 15, 2010

I'm dreaming...

of being here right now. Only 7 more months....Le sigh.

View from Notre Dame

Waterway in Bruges

*all images via weheartit

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Great Cookie Debacle of 2010

Last night I had a vision, I was at whole foods and I wanted to make something simple for dessert and suddenly it hit me. Dark chocolate chip cookies with chopped dried cherries. It'd be the chocolate and cherry version of oatmeal raisin cookies. I knew this was going to be amazing. I would win an award for the best new novel cookie creation. OK, maybe that isn't going to happen but I was happy with my ingenuity.

Now someone else that I live with doesn't like soft doughy cookies. He likes them crisp and chewy. So here is where my problems started. Trying to please others. It just doesn't work. Just kidding. I was happy to find a recipe that would work for both of us. I don't care what texture my cookies hold as long as they taste excellent. So I did a quick google search for thin, crispy chewy chocolate chip cookies. I found this recipe from Sunset, a legit source or so I thought. I mean come on Sunset you're one of my favorite travel/food magazines out there but you did me wrong.

This is what I wanted.

This is what I got.

Also, as a side note, this is one of the best looking cookies from the batch. I have more cookie crumble gooey messes than what you see above.

So here is my problem. What did I do wrong? There were 8 reviews. 1 was bad and 7 were excellent to good. So...what did myself and this other reviewer do wrong? The cookies taste fantastic in case you were wondering. I highly recommend the dark chocolate/dried cherry combo.

I've been researching the reasons why my cookies failed. Apparently making candy isn't the only temperamental kitchen art. So are cookies. Too much flour, not enough water, shortening vs. butter, longer cooking time, higher temperature. The amount of variations from recipe to recipe can drive a person bonkers who just wants a reliable source. I should have gone with the Nestle's toll house recipe but instead I try to get fancy. Serves me right.

To end this in a postive light. I purchased a new jacket/shirt that I can't seem to take off.

I love it. I bought it at GAP when Leslie was here visiting. I scoffed at the price $79.50. I put it on hold promising myself that if I couldn't stop thinking about it I'd go back and buy it. Guess what after a couple of hours of shopping I passed up Louis Vuittons, Tiffanys and the sort to go back to GAP and get my new friend. Since the picture absolutely sucks that I took here is another example of it.

So far I've worn it with jeans and cute ballet flats, black t-shirt and black yoga pants with flip flops and the outfit you are seeing jeans, black tank top, and tall boots. LOVE IT. go buy one. I imagine jacket and I will be friends for many many years. I can imagine the safaris I'll take in it, visiting the Eiffel tower, and drinking beer in Belgium all while wearing my favorite jacket. P.S. it looks super cute with a black scarf. I'm completely smitten with this jacket if you can't already tell.

Ok, crazy over now.


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

She and Him

I know I've posted about She and Him over and over. Seriously though, could Zoey Deschanel get any fricken cuter? I think I almost like her more as a musician than an actress.

Ach. I love it. Too bad all of her shows are sold out..Boohooo. I want to go and see her

Originally found over at Sycamore Street Press

Monday, March 8, 2010

Almost 1/3 of the way there!

Last year I posted this blog. On April 1st, 2010. I will be 1/3 the way through my goal of completing 101 things in 1001 days. I thought today would be a good day to see where I am with my list.

  1. Go somewhere that requires a passport (preferably somewhere across the Atlantic Ocean) This is planned for Fall 2010. Keeping fingers crossed on this one.
  2. Visit Seattle
  3. Re-visit Portland
  4. Visit Canada
  5. Take a road trip in the Corvette
  6. Go to the East Coast
  7. Stay at an Ace Hotel Property
  8. Take a girls only trip every year
  9. Take 1 pleasure trip a year with lover
  10. Visit Momma Lee in Mississippi
  11. Go camping, not Glamping
  12. Spend New Years somewhere fun
  1. Obtain a job in production work
  2. Have my name published on a movie
  3. Continue to increase Jack and Till
  4. Fully commit to putting 5 hrs a week into Jack and Till
  5. Create 1 new item a month for Jack and Till
  6. Send out at least 1 resume a week until I land my dream job
  7. Don't settle for a job that will leave my unhappy
  8. Go to handmade craft fairs for inspiration
  9. Get a booth at said handmade craft fairs - renegade, felt club xl etc..
  10. Look into creating a business with a friend who would help to inspire and push me to do more with Jack and Till
  11. Go to local businesses about selling my products in their store
  1. Plan our wedding
  2. Try to buy as much local and organic foods as possible
  3. Support my local businesses instead of buying from chains (excluding Whole Foods)
  4. Organize the garage
  5. Stay on top of laundry
  6. Stay on top of keeping the house clean
  7. Think before arguing
  8. Do 1 nice thing for Jack a week
  9. Make popovers 1x a month
  10. Drink more mimosas aka enjoy life more!
  11. Work on letting go of people who aren't important to my well being
  12. Go to yoga 2x a month
  13. Try to only say nice things about people
  14. Go see a concert at the Hollywood Bowl before the summer is over
  15. Get a game night started 1x a month and rotate people's houses
  16. Have a summer party at the new place
  1. Pay off my car
  2. Pay off the vette
  3. Look into buying a house (even as a rental property in another state)
  4. Save at least 10% of our salary ( that stays in the account for a rainy day)
  5. Spend less on clothes
  6. Stop buying frivolous junk
  7. Donate to charities
  8. Eat out less, cook in more
  9. See more movies at home and less in the theaters
  10. Use our Entertainment Book more often to save money when we do go out
  11. Stop being frivolous!!!
  12. Cash in our coins and do something fun with the money
  13. Pay all of our bills on time
  14. Put an extra $5 on every bill that has a revolving balance
  15. Stop using credit cards completely unless its an emergency
  16. Get rid of one item when a new item comes in the house
Personal Goals
  1. Learn En Pointe
  2. Go to the gym 1x a week minimum
  3. Go to 1 ballet class a week minimum
  4. Ride my bike more places and take the car less
  5. Try surfing 1x
  6. Take more pictures of places and things I do
  7. Call my grandma 1x a month
  8. Send grandma a letter 1x a month
  9. Call my mom more often/ or take her calls when she calls me
  10. Organize photo's and get rid of blurry ones
  11. Get rid of multiples ( old laptops, old desktops, old monitors, old chords, etc..)
  12. Use the Laundry basket instead of the floor
  13. Get rid of junk mail right away
  14. Do the dishes everyday
  15. Make a new friend
  16. Complete my 101 goals by 4/1/2012

  1. Write a new blog 2x a week, preferably more but at a minimum
  2. Take pictures for my blog
  3. Expand my reader base
  4. Comment more on other blogs I read
  5. Start back up Jack and Till's blog
  6. Meet a fellow blogger - maybe AEIP
  7. Support my fellow bloggers in my own blog
  8. Twitter more often- it has its good points
  9. Encourage 1 person to create a blog
  10. Encourage 1 person to continue to blog when they've fallen by the wayside
  11. Don't let this post slip into the abyss of blogging!
  1. Get Hussy's window fixed
  2. Get Hussy's SRS button fixed
  3. Take Hussy and Sassy in for regular checkups
  4. Get oil changes on a regular basis not every 7,00 miles...whoops
  5. Keep the interior of the cars clean and wash them


I believe I'm about 15 short of my goal so I'm going to leave this open for goals that I come up with on this journey. After all completing all of these goals will be a big journey.

  1. - Watch more documentaries
  2. - visit the library and take advantage of the free books!
  3. - participate in a cake night 1x a month
  4. - try to be nicer to people
  5. - brush the dogs every other day
  6. -
  7. -
  8. -
  9. -
  10. -
  11. -
  12. -
  13. -
  14. -
  15. -
  16. -

So out of 101 goals I have around 45-50 of these goals completed or I am doing them on a daily basis. To be honest, I haven't thought a lot about what I wrote here almost a whole year ago but I must have put in my sub conscious. We have almost fulfilled all of our financial goals in a year. The cars probably won't get paid off before 4/2/12 because I have other smaller debts that are more hazardous to my financial health than my car debts are but I will continue to make my normal +$5 payments on my bills until they are all paid off!

I'm quite proud of where I am right now in less than a 1/3rd of my time to be at goal. I also added five new goals that previously I had not thought of.

What are your goals? Do you have a 101 in 1001 days lists? If so, I'd love to read it!!



Friday, March 5, 2010

Groove Shark

A friend turned me on to this awesome new music player. Its similar to Pandora but you can create and save playlists (like mixpod) and you can actually type in a song you want to hear and it usually has that song. Plus they have a lot of indie artists that I like to listen to. So its a win for everyone!Listen to Groove Shark Also, its a fun flash website ( if you're a nerd and enjoy that kind of stuff.)

Happy Friday! What are your plans my lovies?



Thursday, March 4, 2010

Open Mouth

and stick foot in. That is what I should do. About a month ago I told some people that I would never go to the Los Angeles Public Library because its annoying ( and expensive) to park, the homeless/weird people that loiter freak me out, and a bunch of other reasons.

Today, at 11:30 a.m. I became a proud Los Angeles Public Library member. So lets go back a few hours. I just dropped my friend off at the airport and I stopped at Target to get a few things and while there I perused the book aisle looking for "In Defense of Food" by Michael Pollan. My friend who was in town visiting was reading it and I was curious about it. Well Target didn't carry it but they had another one of his books that was approximately 4"x 6" and maybe 50-100 pages. I am a mega fast reader so this bitty book would have taken me all of 5 minutes ( ok fine. probably 30-45 minutes ) to read it thoroughly and priced at $9.90. I held it for a few seconds and then I realized I would much rather have my trip to Europe this fall then a $10 book. I imagined all the wonderful things I could enjoy with my $10 ( or converted probably 7 euros) in Europe. So I put the book down and resolved to get a library card. Ack. This is the part where I should shove the foot in my mouth. I said I would NEVER and look at me less than a month away and I am a brand new LAPL member. Needless to say, I'm a big fat liar. So please don't take my "I will never's" so serious they probably will last a month at the longest.

Anyways, while today at the library I had two things happen. First, a man tried to pick me up while I was browsing the books on tape. I at first thought he was asking to borrow my phone. He motioned with the phone and eyebrow thing at me and being in a relationship for over 8 years I kind of forget what getting picked up looks like. Second, I rented Fame, the new movie, and absolutely loved it. I watched the New Fame while reading my rented Self magazine.

I am a huge fan of the OG fame from the 80's and was really hoping they didn't buther this one too much by bringing it up to date with the current trends.

Luckily, they didnt (not in my opinion). I was in love with the dancers and the updated feel of the movie. I died over the carnivale scene. It was ahhmazing. I figured that today from getting my LAPL ( los angeles public library) card I saved myself around $20 dollars by renting the books not buying them. Also, its environmentally friendly, I pay for it in my taxes already, and I could potentially have a new boyfriend if I was ever looking. The bad part about the library ( besides the potential pickup) is I really wanted to take a shower after leaving. The place gives me the skeevies and the old man playing online poker at the computers didn't give me much hope for the clientele at the library, nor did the bearded lady researching family birthday parties ( what? I don't get this one either!)