Saturday, July 28, 2007

Eye Lash Dying?!?!

So today, I was getting my eyebrows threaded and my lady who does them asks me if I have ever had my eye lashes dyed? Now to me it sounds like a scam but she says it is really beautiful and lasts for about 4 weeks or a little bit longer and you won't even need mascara. So hmmpfh...I say. Maybe next time I go into get my eyebrows threaded I'll have her do this.

Peace out.


Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Have you tried it? Maybe you should? Its a fermented tea that has been around for thousands of years. Its supposed to have amazing health properties to it. I am going to try it for one month and see if I feel/act any different. Its an odd taste. Its described as an apple cider with a bit of vinegar taste. I do not care for the strawberry as much as the raspberry. The strawberry tastes a little bit off.

Try it. I bought mine at whole foods.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Oh Lordy Etsy's Terrible!

Ok so, since I just got done talking about ballet. I took a look on and I immediately went to my favorite seller and took a look at her new inventory and what little necklace caught my eye but miss ballerina. I love it! so Of course I bought it. I think I have about 7 lulu items, and I also had to pick up a pair of earrings while i was there, but sunken treasure ( as picture below).

Then, these are some past items I bought...

This little necklace is called a secret courtship. I :heart: this beauty! I wear it all the time! and then the other pair of earrings I bought when I purchased this is these little well manered ladies.

Someone take my credit card away! I can't stop! ahah...thank god for graduation money, but now for all you scrooges who might be reading this. NO worries, I did open a savings account with some of the money and I am squirreling it away! I'd like to start looking at buying a house in the next 2 years. So I can quit spending money on rent! ARGH..

ok..enough of talking about saving.


New Purchases

This is my new bread box for my kitchen! I found it on ebay and I am absolutely in love with it. I might try and refinish it and get a new sticker to put on it. Their are a couple of nicks and scrapes but overall I love it and maybe I'll pick my new colors for the kitchen off of this box! Now before you think..ew um gross you're going to put you're bread in it. I plan on keeping wrapped bread in it and of course I'll give it a through Lysol spray inside, but I think it's going to look darling on my little counter!Next, eBay item up is two anthropologie kitsch 'n' glam aprons! They are aprons designed to fit like a retro dress, but obviously made out of good kitcheny material! I love these fun aprons. Normally they are $38.99 on, but i was able to snag two aprons for $48.00 with shipping on eBay! and they are nwt( i really hope that means new with tag)

So hopefully, these will be what i ordered and I can go to town in my kitchen with all my new aprons!

Last night, I was going to attempt to make Thai Curry, but after going to the dog park I decided that I would much rather go to El Torito. So off we went and split a pitcher of blackberry margaritas. I asked how many the pitcher held and he said, oh about 4...Well i think he meant about 4 each. So a very buzzed Raechel drove home. It was quite silly, I live um...3 blocks for El torito, but I just hopped in the car without even thinking about it.

OH welll.

What else is new in Raechel land. I have gotten back to ballet. I know go on Wednesday right around lunch. I really love it. I do have a new teacher and she is good, but she isn't quite like my old teacher. Alicia ( the new teacher) is a prego, so its harder for her to teach and she can't show us jumps or anything, which sucks a little but she's really nice and I feel like I am getting a good ballet education from her. Jack built me a bar this weekend so I can practice when I am at home. I really want to learn how to be en pointe. That is a goal. If I had stuck with ballet when I was 5 I would be en pointe now, but alas, I was a foolish girl and wanted to play basketball (!?!?!??!??!?) (ok, don't judge. everyone else in my class was!) Maybe next time I am home I will put up pictures of me in my basketball regalia..It is quite amusing. Just as an FYI. Mother's should not be allowed to dress their children. I had to wear black socks with black tennis shoes because that was the color on out jerseys..oy vay..

This is going to be a super long post, but I feel that it is very worth you're reading because of all of the amazing things that have been going on.......or I just really wanted to share about my latest and greatest eBay purchases!

ok, well my bit of wisdom is "grease after the peace " ( i guess its a surfing mantra)



Sunday, July 15, 2007

New Glasses!

So, you might look over to your right and see these giant sunglasses. They are my newest sunglass purchase. I bought them from a Vintage Store in Silverlake where I got my other infamous glasses. I love them!