Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Vampire's Assistant

On Halloween we didn't end up doing anything that was really Halloween-ie per say but I did manage to drag Jack to the theater to see this teen flick. I knew deep down that it was going to be very teenage-y and probably not the best movie but I was in the mood for it.

I didn't love the movie but it was entertaining enough. I liked John C. Reilly's character a lot and he had some good one liners and Selma Hayek was a funny beard growing lady who's bear grew when she was turned on by a man ( which would really suck!) . Over all it was probably a 2/5 stars movie but worth checking out if you like those kind of corny halloween movies that I can't get enough of! One of my favorite corny halloween movies is from the 80's and is soooooo corny but I can't help but watch it every single year is:

Worst Witch

Teen Witch

Oh gotta love those 80s cheesey movies. What's some of your favs? You know i've never seen "pretty in pink". I suck.



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