Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Having a real job

drains all the creativity out of my bones. I really miss being home. I have such a hard time being creative and even at a minimum thinking of things to blog about! What a drag this real job business is!

I'm super envious of this blogger/etsian. I would LOVE to be home and paint and travel doing craft shows. The only problem....I don't really paint. Haha! I have finally finished my unicorn t-shirt print and once I get my model all set up I will be putting these bad boys up on Etsy for sale. They will be the same price as the mustaches ($15.00). Right now we are living in a shoe box but one day I dream of having a seperate studio off of the house in which I can create in a whirlwind of creativity. I swoon over these wonderful spaces and of course I will hav a giant moustache light on my wall!

I love the bookcase of supplies and giant scissors and the busy curtains! Love Love it all!

I love this table...Though I'm afraid mine would be come a mail sorter!

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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Life is

$4.99 all you can drink champagne breakfast!

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Friday, June 26, 2009


Hi Mr. Rent Check-

I know that you come every month and I know that you are a pretty stable guy and you always want the same amount, but I really dont want to pay you this month. I really would rather put that money in my savings account ( or buy everything off my wishlist at Anthropologie)

So speaking of Anthro. I am searching for a bedframe for our bedroom and I love this one from anthro. Its absolutely amazing ( and $5,500) eek! Ok. So that is way out of my budget I was thinking like $200 max...Maybe $500 if I bought it from a store. Welp! Why do I torture myself by looking at things like this!


So anways, I guess I'll be sending that icky poo rent check in a few days and sleeping on a bedframeless bed!

So enough depressing blogs! Jeez! I'm uber excited for my Salsa Dance Class tonight!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Hey Crazy Craigslist Lady!

Why did you text message me at 11:30 on Saturday Night and then get offended when I wanted to see the headboard on Sunday? I know its fathers day but why didnt you wait until monday to respond or say you weren't availble on Sunday when I texted you? Also, why are you ignorning my phone calls. If its sold just let me know! You crazy craigslist lady!

I REALLY hate craigslist sometimes! I found the p-e-r-f-e-c-t headboard for our bed on CL and now this crazy lady will not call me back. Its still on the website as availble..So i'm trying to figure out why she doesn't want my money! Its just as good as everyone else!!!!!

p.S. This is what I imagine her to be like.

P.P.S. I think its really gross to let cats on a table, (but I think that might be a landing on a stair) either way its still gross!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Why Hello There..

So I'm back and in somewhat action. I caught some type of bug on the plane and I feel sleepy and sickly. I went home to celebrate my big brother's 30th birthday party. It was lots of fun and got to see lots of my old crushes ( mostly his friends) and some of my old girlfriends. I love this picture of us. We both look so happy! This is about 5 minutes after he was surprised.

So part of my job for my brothers bday party was to put together a photo board. While looking through photos I found this polaroid .
This is quite an embarrasing story I have but lets just lay it out. When I was younger I had a brilliant idea to take a picture of the movie free willy and take the picture to school and show everyone that I had been at the filming of free willy. Now when I had planned this event I was pretty sure that the tv and surrounding area wouldn't be in the Polaroid but apparently I'm not as good a polaroid-taker as I thought. I even cut the corners and labeled the photo just incase someone didnt know who's movie I had been at.. hahaa...Its such an embarrasing thing but its brought back many laughs and lots of tears when I found the actual polaroid.

Alright, heres to the week almost being 1/2 over!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

New shoessssssssssssssesies

I went to run some errands yesterday and stopped in at Ross Dress for Less..similar to TJ maxx if you arent familiar with Ross. I found these two pairs of shoes and had to have them! I havne't bought real dress sandals in like 2 years. I'm having a hardtime commiting to some and these were cheap $15.99 so I figured If I wear them once at least I'll have used my money but hopefully I'll get lots of wear out of them. The other ones are the little sassy purple faux croc flats. I have a purple belt that I like to wear but I really wanted matching shoes and voila I found these for $11.99. Not to shappy coming out of Ross with two pairs of shoes for $28.00 plus tax. Sometimes you just gotta wait for the good stuff to come to you.

I think I'm going to head down to forever 21 today and see if I can snag some shirts. I really want something cute and F21 provides me with that. I am very seasonal and like to get new clothes every couple of months. So I really should restrict myself to only shopping at F21 but their return policy really irks me! You can't get your money back you can only exchange it for something else or get a gift card. These are my 2 latest finds. I :heart: them and wore the tunic

to Jack's 25th b-day and the other shirt

I absolutly love and pair it with this summer cardigan from Anthro.

So lets keep our paws crossed that I will be able to find some awesome new stuff today!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Good News

The Car doctor called and its going to be about $700 for Hussy and Sassy to be fixed up! Sweet...I was thinking that Hussy would be at least $1,000 by herself. Now just to pay the $1,001 registration fee..snark.

It's a brand new week

and hopefully my mood cheers up. The vette and my hussy are in the shop right now. The Sassy ( the vette) needed some of her original ventilation stuff put back on to her to pass CA smog check and Hussy ( the crv) is getting an iv hooked up to see what is going on. Its been stressful but Sassy is only going to be a couple of hundred to fix and hopefully Hussy will only be a couple of hundred as well. I'm very relieved to find a good mechanic. I "think" he's a good mechanic. He seems very knowledgeable and honest about the work he is going to do. Also, if he thinks it might be less he tells you up front and quotes you the higher amount so you are prepared. We will see when I get Hussy and Sassy back from the doctor.

I thought I'd give some props to some lovely girls blogs that I love reading. So check em out if you are bored

From L-R: Erin-SoZealous, Leslie-Urbanestics and Sarah-Good Posture

I had the pleasure to meet these awesome girls when I went to visit Leslie in Des Moines. Leslie and Sarah are co-running a business urbanposture on Etsy and doing several shows on their own and Erin has her own business sozealous revamping awesome vintage pieces and sells them in local shops in Des Moines, IA. Anyways, these girls are awesome and bring some creativity to the handmade/upcycle scene.

On that note, I'm going to get back to my cleaning!


Friday, June 5, 2009


Despite my rather foul mood I've been int he past few days. Let me just mention that I was supposed to recieve a fedex package at 10a.m. this mornign..It is now 11:49 and it is still "in transit" FUCK YOU FEDEX...oh my...THis week is wearing on me like no other!

So anyways, on to nicer things! Saw this trailer on a new found blog porn owl and peacock .
Naturally this blog caught my eye because it has the word owl in it but this video is absolutely dreamy! I am a sucker for chanel ads and this movie seems like it would be amazing to watch. I wonder if it will be released stateside?

Here's to having a better weekend then a week I had!


Thursday, June 4, 2009

life is....

not good this week...not to be totally dramatic but life has shoveled up a big ole pile o shit for me! So we got the car on Tuesday (awesome!) went to the dmv early Wednesday morning to get plates and all that and wait 2hrs for them to tell us that we cant register it because we didnt have the title...grumble....So we went home convinced that we had dropped it somewhere or never brought it and finally after 6+ hours of ripping apart my house. I spoke with my step dad and he "accidentally" forgot to send the title and it was sitting in his scanner. Now I totally understand this was a mistake but i spent all day searching for it. So rewind 3+ hours into the search and I decide to take a break and pick up Jack from work. Jump into my little hussy honda crv and it doesn't work. She's been old faithful for the past 3 years. Suddenly of all days when I have a full plate of shit this is tossed on my lap. So jack comes home and we diagnose its not the battery, not the blah blah. We think we might have watery gas so we get a bottle of water asorber and later on I start her up and she is ok. So i head to pick up Jack from work and about 3 blocks from home she dies! SOooooooooooooo...i have her towed to pep boys and I get the feeling they are going to rip me off so i have jack limp her home. We have some clues on what the problem might be but right now we just dont have the extra cash flow to fix my car. We just dumped a few thousand into getting this corvette and registering/titling the car. The final shit storm on shit harbor would be today my landlord called and apparently one of the neighbors in the building next door complained about our dogs barking. Honestly, they dont have a leg to stand on because they ahve a couple of dogs next door that literally throw themselves on our bushes and growl until my dogs start barking. Its really frustrating and I hope that is the extent of our problems. Our landlord stuck up for us and told them to talk to us becasue we are nice and reasonable but that if they have dogs next door they can't really complain about our dog barking. I understand completely the frustration because we live in the city and people live close together but if your dogs are going to bark then so are mine!

via natalie dee

I like to look at loldogs, lolcats, natalie dee and also watching movies to make me feel happy soo...
I'm watching a dreamy version of frankenstein right now to cheer me up. I know it sounds like an oxymoron but its for free on the hallmark channel right now if you go to on demand- free movies-hallmark channel. Its about Victor Frankenstein and Elizabeth. The only thing that is kind of odd is Elizabeth is an orphan that Victors parents take in. So isn't she technically his "sister" in so many words? Oh shit! They just ran over a dog. This isn't going to cheer me up at all!

Heres to hoping the rest of the week gets a bit sunnier!



Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Why Hello There!

One of my friends put this vid up on facebook and I told him I was going to steal it and blog about it. I love love it! Maybe its the music, maybe its the Rock-a-billy dancers but Tokyo looks like an amazing place to go visit! I'm booking my flight!

Its pretty gloomy out here in LA but I actually love it! June gloom is my favorite. In a way I'm totally just teasing myself because I know that is not acctually going to rain but I really wish for rain! I'm a soup girl so this weather makes me happy so that I can enjoy soups. Last night, I finally got out the crock pot and made split pea soup. I know, I know, you probably dont like it but I LOVE IT! I could have split pea soup probably everyday. My recipe isn't amazing but it tastes good. I experminted and tried "Not chicken bullion cubes". Basically it is a vegetarian base for soups but has the salty/chiky flavor of real chicken cubes. It does make a difference to use vegetable stock insetad of chicken/beef stock when making soups. Yummmmmmmmmmmm I had some for breakfast :)

My final big news of today, the car is finally here! Well almost, its on the truck and should be at my doorstep between 5p.m. and 6p.m. today. I am almost more excited because my record player and records are in the trunk of our new car! I've been missing my record player like no other and just recently discovered a record store at the end of my block! Yipppeee!!!

Ok I have lots of errands to do like get more air tanks for Mr. Fizzle, mail a t-shirt, get money to pay the car guy, return some stuff to anthro,etc...Who knew being a lady of leisure woudl keep me so occupied!