Friday, December 18, 2009

i'm alive...

barely. I had the flu pretty bad this past week. It must have been all the cleaning I've been doing. Yeah that's right. I'm allergic to cleaning! Not doing it anymore.....

Its been uber busy over here between being sick and needing to get everything finalized before our trip back to WI. We've had a great month with Jack and Till through Etsy and doing a few little craft fairs. I'm excited for the last week of December. I will have a full week off with Jack to plan/create/expand our business. Its hard to nail him down with him having a full time job and all. So it will be nice to work on some upcoming projects for etsicle that we have.

Right now, my computer is full of printed Holiday cards that need to be signed, mailed and delivered. I'm hoping that I can use my time on the flights to do address Christmas cards. I am always so late with this I need to get my act together next year.

There are so many things that I wanted to do this year that I haven't even gotten around to doing!

1. Watch my favorite holiday movie - Rudolph The Red nosed Reindeer from the 50's

2. Try to make fattigmand. I might do this one back home with my grandma the expert.

3. Go Ice Skating

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4. Watch Elf

5. Make Christmas Crafts

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but I have been doing lots of this-this week.

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1 more day till I board an airplane to a frigid place. The weather is predicting a high of 37 with a low of 12 degrees during the time that I'll be back in Wisconsin. Le Burr is all I got say.



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