Monday, December 7, 2009

Did Saint Nick visit you?

He came to our house and brought us both lots of goodies! Incase you don't know what Saint Nick's day is or as the Netherlands call it Sinterklauss. Click here.

For me he brought some pretty red flowers, a half bottle of La Crema Pinot Noir, some nuts, a big piece of chocolaty caramel. For Jack, he brought Tim Tams, a Barnes and Noble gift card and some vanilla flavored almonds.

Its raining cats and dogs in LA today. I absolutely love it! I'm trying to upload a picture on blogger but its keeping on giving me an error. WTF. Sigh.



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Jo said...

What a lovely tradition! I read the link, and fell in love with the idea of children putting their shoes by the fire place and waking up to find gifts by their shoes. So sweet!!

Btw, my internet has been wonky today as well! It's so funny how a little rain can wreak so much havoc!