Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Tuesday Night Ritual

I'm a big fan of pizza. Something about it to me is like the perfect combination of stuff. Bread, cheese and some form of tomato. Narm. Usually on Tuesday evenings we have pizza and watch Biggest Loser ( the irony is killing me). Normally the pizza consists of evoo, fresh mozzarella, fresh tomato and a sprinkling of fresh basil and salt as soon as its hot out of the oven. Last night the earth must have shifted because I had a taste for a greek pizza ( probably inspired by the nummy looking one our friends got on Sunday). So we tried to re-create it and it tasted pretty darn yummy.

So we snagged a boboli crust at the store because I'm too freaking lazy to make my own and we like a crispier crust rather than a super doughy one. Also, we steamed up some veggies to make it a little bit healthier. Though I'd rather just have pizza. Yeah that's right I'm a semi vegetarian who doesn't like vegetables ( maybe I'm just bored with them!)

Raechel and Jack's Greek Pizza

1 Pizza Crust ( a sweeter whole wheat crust is awesome!)
1 Tomato
1 small container of feta, green and black olives preferably soaked in evoo with Mediterranean spices (We picked ours up from the olive bar at the grocery store . This is what gives the pizza the flavor. A good sub would be flavored feta and olives that are in flavored oil or you could try to concoct your own type of herbs to put on the pizza)

Prepare your crust ( if you made your own-cook it / if you're using a premade - take it out of the bag). Strain the evoo from the olives onto the pizza and spread around the crust. Crumble the feta generously around the pizza and then chop/crumble the olives. Top with sliced tomato and cook pizza on a **stone at 425-450 for about 10 mins.

** now I realize that not everyone has a pizza stone but if you make your own pizza even 1x a week then buy a freaking stone! They're like $10-20 depending on what model you get ( ours came with a lazy susan and a pizza cutter) at Bed Bath and Beyond. Its totally worth it and makes your crust that much better on a pizza.

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