Thursday, April 30, 2009

Good Morning Loveys

I am headed to the DMV this morning to officially register the CR-V to California. I am legally becoming a California Resident. Eek! I'm a little skurred!

Well off to the shower and hopefully I'll look smokin for my DMV pic.


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hello Loveys

Pardon the goofy expression on my face but today I am dreaming of Portland.

Of waking up and heading into a deep dreamy forest where moss hangs off all the trees and it slighly mists. I want to drive up to a little local coffee shop and get the richest latte I've ever tasted. I absolutely love Portland. Today, I miss it a lot.

Just so happens the most delightful song came on when I was writing this. Ray LaMontagne -Empty. For some reason it makes me long for cuddles in bed with rain and Jack

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Boy oh boy! I feel like my never will re-assemble! We finally handed over our keys to the old place a week ago and still are living among boxes and what not as we try to fit a square into a round hole. This is going to take some careful planning and organization to make everything fit! This past friday, my mom decided to surprise me with a visit to Sunny CA. It was a plesant surprise being that it was my 25th birthday on Sunday but to be honest I was a little bit unprepared and still trying to recover from moving/Easter at my house the previous week. Anyways, It was great to spend time with my mom and take her to some of my favorite restaurants and show her areas that I loved to go, ie..vanilla, cliffs edge, etc..

This weekend I am heading up to SFO for wine tasting and shenanigans. I am looking forward to hanging out with my girls who live too far away! Can't wait!

Also, don't want to get you too excited but I recently bought a little hand held camera and I am hoping to get some vids to put up on here! yay!

Pic of us from dinner at Cliff's Edge!

Au Revoir!


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I'm off

Hey Kids-

Im off to ballet class. I am now taking ballet Wednesday Eve, Saturday and Sunday morning. I'm going to talk to my teacher tonight and she if she teaches private lessons. I really want to learn pointe in the next 2 years.

tata and dont forget to relevee

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

True or false

My purse looks like it has wings.... True!

I've been drinking and it's only 2:41.... True!

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Hello Old Friend

Its been way to long since I've last posted and I am so sorry for that! Things have been super busy over here in LA LA Land. We've almost 100% settled into our new house. We are quickly running out of room and it means I just need to be way more organized ( eek!).

This past Saturday we had a big yard sale and made some bank ( woot!) and I had to splurge on this purse. I've seriously had a hard on for it for the past few months. Its gorgeous and I am sure you will agree!

Well I had better hop to it...get it hop to it! Easter's almost here :)..Anyways, I am meeting my love for lunch today at Venice Beach Wines. It is a tiny wine bar with all the lovely food that goes well with wine. I'm thinking of having the brie, grape, basil and truffle oil pressed sandwich and maybe a glass of chardonnay. Is it lunch yet?