Wednesday, December 2, 2009

3 days later...

and I'm still incredibly sore from my Monday ballet class and I'm going to combat it by going to another ballet class tonight. Mainly because my favoritest teacher in the whole world is going to be there but secondly I'm hoping to stretch out my calf muscles so they dont' feel like they're on fire.

So Christmas is right around the corner and I finally submitted my christmas list to the family and I'm hoping to get clothes. I could use some other stuff but I REALLY want clothes. I guess in this tough economy ( waa waa) its the one expense I really can't justify. I mean I don't go anywhere and I dont' need luxurious yoga pants to hang out at my house ( or do I?) SO keep your fingers crossed my Anthropologie wish list will be emptied!!

So speaking of wish lists.. if i had an extra say $500 laying around I'd totally splurge on these ( maybe..that is a lot of money)

They're lanvin leather ballet flats and they come in a powdered blue box with a tie ribbon
(OMG) as to quote RZ " I Die". I could live in these bad boys. I would live in them. If I paid $500 for a pair of flats you better darn tooting bet that I'd wear these shoes everywhere. A while back Planet Blue was selling a similar pair but they were manufactured by a ballet footwear company. I wanted those bad boys but they were still about $200. Way to much for me. My max cap is like $100 and I better want to cut someones throat for that price. At least for flats, boots are a whole other subject.

On that note of my crazy rantings about how I'm going to slit throats for shoes I'm outta here! ( P.s. i dont cut throats for shoes, just handbags and accessories!)



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