Sunday, May 31, 2009

End of Vacation Week :(

Argh...I'm probably the worst person to sum up in a few paragrahps why something is good but tonight on our last night of vacation I'm watching one of my favorite movies. "The Fall" is an amazing fairy tale-esque story done by Tarem Singh. He is one of my favorite directors because he has such amazing visuals. He also directed " The Cell." I tend to really like movies that are based on fairy tales, another one of my faovirte movies is "Pan's Labryinth," to watch these movies makes my creative juices just bubble.

One of the first scenes of the "fairy tale" part of the story. The tree is acctually a man who is a mystic to help them defeat the villian of the fairy tale. A lot of the movie is very virbrant and beautiful landscapes.

This is a still of Roy and Alexandria who are the main characters of the movie. This little girl is so adorable!

A synopsis from IMDB

"While young Alexandria is recuperating from a fractured arm in a Los Angeles Hospital, she befriends another patient, Roy Walker, who tells a variety of tales, including one about Emperor Alexander, and the second story of six men: Luigi - an explosions expert; a Native American Indian; A runaway slave; an East Indian swordsman; a masked bandit; and Charles Darwin - all on a quest to kill oppressive Spanish Governor Odious for individually inflicting atrocities on each and every one of them. She soon becomes embroiled in this tale and starts mixing fiction with reality not realizing that Roy is using her to procure a drug for him."

I highly recommend the movie if you want to be entertained and see some amazing landscapes/visual. I also really like his other movie "The Cell" for similar reasons but that one is much scarier! I'm pretty sure Blockbuster carries this movie otherwise I bet Netflix has it!

On another note of Lee Pace ( Roy), Pushing Dasies has 3 lost episodes that they are playing on Saturday nights. This was one of my favorite shows last year and I have been soooo bummed that it was cancelled. It was absolutely stunning visually and just so different from what is on t.v. Deffinetly worth checking it out if you have some spare time.

Well I'm going to go enjoy my movie and eat some dinner!



Saturday, May 30, 2009

Neato Skeato

Today is Jack's 25th birthday! Not really sure what we are going to do. We had festivities last night at a night club and that was sooo much fun. Got to shake our money makers and drink lots! I think tonight we might play it a little bit more quiet and snuggle up together! Maybe catch a movie at the graveyard? Its a woody allen flick that is actually hilarious! I happened to catch it a few weeks ago on the instant watch of netflix. It was interesting how they talked about being gay, drugs, and sex. It felt so taboo while watching it! Anways, if you are in the Los Angeles area check it out! Movies in the graveyard is sooo much fun! Everyone brings a bottle of wine, some cheese and a picnic blanket and there is even a dj to spin before and after the movie! Its not creepy at all and is something a little bit out of the norm!

How freaking awesome is this pic? I am in love with it! The eyelashes are totally impractical if you plan on having your eyes open at all while wearing them but they look so freakin cool! Just found this new blog and she is a makeup artist. She's got some great photo's and seems to work with really cool spaces and concepts !

Happy Saturday!


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Happy Humpday!

Hello Kiddies-
Yesterday we headed out to the desert an went to Calico the Ghost town.
It was established in the late 1800's and went from like 10 people to 2,500 back down to 8 people who still live there.

It was fun. We ended up paying a couple of bucks to pan for gold
and to go into an old abandoned mine.
I saw black widow

and thought I was going to die, but instead did some dancing on a bridge!

The dancing wore me out so we went and got Sarsaparillas

and hung out at the Saloon

and took some cheesy pics of ourselves escaping the dangerous mine!

and ended the day with some shopping at the outlets. Hello Banana and Gap I've missed thee!

Today, I think that we are going to go to Long Beach Aquarium and visit Paulette, a macaroon shop that I read about on one of my daily blog porn reads!



Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Good Morning

Jack has the whole entire week off! YIPPEEE! Originally we were going to go to Seattle for his birthday but he bought a car instead. So my yearning for Seattle will have to be held off for awhile again...Sigh. Oh well! The car will be lots of fun :)

We are trying to think of some fun local California sites we "gotta" see. We've never been to disneyland, San Diego Zoo, etc... So maybe we will check some of those places out. I REALLY want to get some new t-shirts designed and printed for etsy. I have this print that I've been sitting on for a few months and I'm really anxious to get it onto some tee's! eek!

Well I think I'm going to go crawl into bed and wake him up so we can get this adventure started! Maybe our week will lead us somewhere like here!

via flickr

Saturday, May 23, 2009

life is

waking up all warm and snuggled up to your loverbean
riding your bike to groundworks with your loverbean
eating pancakes from OP Cafe with your loverbean

Thursday, May 21, 2009


how effing adorable is this vid!?! I love how she looks like natalie portman or at least her sister!

Meet the Brockintons from ashley brockinton on Vimeo.

I think Jack and I need to make a vid asap!

Check out their blog btw!


I am in lock down in the house. I have a screen for a new t-shirt drying in the garage. It is light sensitive so it needs to remain in complete darkness until I'm ready to expose it. Its kind of a pain in the ass. The only dark area is the garage and it will be ready by lunch or sooner but I had big plans to go to the gym and I can't get out of my house! oh well

I'm making a nice long workout playlist on itunes. It consists mainly of miley cyrus(laugh away) , b.spears and lady gaga. Maybe a few Queen songs as well.

On good news I've been reading up on all of my fav blogs. I've found a few new ones as well. See post below about anthro lady.

I love this top from anthro....hmmmmmmmmmmmmm...maybe a trip down there is in order. I did break one of my dresser drawer pulls and well if this happens to end up in my shopping bag who am I to make it get out?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Could they be any cuter?

Love love love this wedding vid

Brian & Eileen's Wedding Music Video. from LOCKDOWN projects on Vimeo.

Anthropologie Love

So I'm a HUGE fan of anthro. I'm not even sure if words can describe the euphoria i get when i walk into their store. I can always find something I want/need there. On one of my other daily blogs I read I found the blog of their creative display manager. OMG. I recently just saw the wisteria tree display at the El Segundo Anthro and I wanted to rip it off the wall and take it to my house. I absolutly love love love love it! its so dreamy and delicate and springy. Anways, check out her blog here. What a dream job to be the display coordinator for anthro.

Earth Day Display

Pretty summer dresses. I love the blue and white dress but i'm too short for it :(

Love this display...I might need to steal this idea!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Happy Tuesday Loveys!

So yesterday was a crazy amazing day for Jack and myself! We bought a car! Jack truly hates his current automobile. I dont blame him, its ugly and an old man car but it worked for many years and we couldn't really afford a car payment until now anyways. So my stepdad went and picked out the car last night and he's going to finish paying for it on Wednesday and he wants to do a few minor tuneups before he puts it on a truck to come out to us.



We are getting a white with red leather, pretty much looks like this but I pulled this one off of Google. I'm pretty stoked for it to be here! The top is a t-top ( so 2 panels come off ) and you basically have a convertible!


Kidssssssss! I am sooo excited! I am dreaming of the trips we will be taking up the PCH!

Also, wanted to mention if anyone is looking for a gym memebership that 24hr fitness is running an amazing special. I had to pay $199 up front with no initiaion fees/1stmonth/regulargymbullshit fees. So it works out to be $16.58 per month or I figure $4 a week. It makes it very non-commital to me. So if I dont go for a month I dont feel like I'm throwing away lots of money



Thursday, May 14, 2009

life is

a bike ride
an iced latte and a
beautiful spring day

I've got the itches

and no I don't have fleas! I'm really wanting to do something creative! That is what is itching me in all the right places! I just found this awesome printing place and it makes me really really want to come up with some creative planners, cards, books, etc! I'm thinking that if i can come up with some awesome designs that I would try and sell them to my FAVORITE card shop in the entire universe! Its an amazing little boutique card shop in Century City. OMG. I can't leave without getting a fistful of amazing pretty little cards!

Happy Thursdays! I can't believe its almost the weekend again...yessssssssssssss

via flickr bebe nonsuch

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ikea Run

Good Morning Kids!

Today Mel and I are hiking out to Ikea. We both need to return a few random things and we both need to pick some shiz up. I long for the day to be over Ikea but right now its the most economical and quite honestly there $2.00 towel bar is just as good as a $30 towel bar from target! The best part of today is the $2.99 breakfast from OP Cafe which we are going to first!!

Cheers and happy tuesday!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Paper Heart (the movie)

What! This looks to effing adorable!

Chanel No. 5

Swoon! I absolutely adore these vids. Sooo amazing. I'm not a huge fan of that particular flavor of perfume but I love love love their marketing!

This one is probably still my favorite! Its sooo romantic and dreamy.

Some more great Chanel Ads!

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Happy Mothers Day out there! I won't be spending it with my momma but she knows I love her very much!

I had an amazing evening last night. I decided last minute that I REALLY wanted to go see Dirty Dancing on Broadway. Its in Los Angeles for only a few months. So we threw on some dress clothes and (I) makeup and headed down to Hollywood. We arrived at the Pantages theater only like an hour and a half before the doors would open. Jack scurried up to the counter to find out that the only available mezzanine tickets were sitting by yourself but there was (2) sets of Front Row tickets. One set that was front row center or one set that was front row side. He called me to double check about spending the bucks ($100 a person) and we went for front row center. It was amazing! The only bad part being that close was there were a couple of scenes upstage that you couldn't really see but all the live dancing, kissing, sexy patricky swayze moves were happening downstage right in front of us! It was an amazing experienc. I never would have dreamt that we would be sooo close last minute but I guess I secreted that shit!

An image I grabbed from google. Doesn't the girl look so much like Baby from the movie! Wow. I guess Johnny Castle (P.Swayze part) was cast by an Aussie man. YOu could tell a little bit in his voice that he had an accent but man oh man he was a fine hunk of delisicous man. I deffinetly think this show would be uber fun with a bunch of girls!

Website! also if you buy tix try this promo code for 35% off WED35 !!

Happy Sunday and Mothers Day!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Happy Humpday!

Hi Boys and Girls-

Do you ever love a song so much that you listen to it over and over until you can't anymore and then a few months later you find out how much you love that song again! I do this all the time. Its time for some Ingrid Michaelson again!

I'm cleaning up the house today and I'm going to attempt to make a Rhurbarb Upside Down cake. I haven't tried to make one in eons and it didnt turn out very well the last time I tried it!

This is the song I can't stop listening to! I want Jack to make an animation for this song

happy humpdays darlings!