Sunday, November 11, 2007

Beauty School

Sorry for such a long time in between updates but its been busy! October flew by with Halloween and Maria's wedding in the first weekend of November. It was such a beautiful wedding and she really did an excellent job. I hope when I get married I can have a beautiful wedding as well! This is a picture from the ceremony. My friend Nina's, friend Jen, did the make up and it was done beautifully! It also helped me to realize what I really want to do as a profession.

Now, dont' get me wrong. I love where I work, but it's to mindless for me. I am such a bubbly and outgoing person that to sit at a desk and do CAD all day is death for me. It really is something that wrecks havoc on my personality. So, I am going to go for something that I would never imagine I could ever do, but I know I will be great at it.

I applied to beauty school. It is a beauty school located in Los Angeles right outside of Hollywood/Silverlake and it's called MKC. Down below is a picture of her and Arnold.
She is well known for doing celebrity work ( such as Johnny Depp!!!), working on commercials and movies. My main focus at the school will be to learn Beauty, Fashion, Print and Bridal makeup. Its a 10 week program that is heavily concentrated by attending school from 9-5 everyday and in the end I will have a masters of makeup artistry.
Then if all goes well, I am going to look into getting into Special Effects makeup. So right now, I have toured the school and I had to submit an essay that had kinda difficult questions on it and the board absolutely loved it! or that is what I hear from my admissions girl and on the 20th I have a phone interview with Margaret Kimura! yay! So please send good thoughts to me on that day! I am so confident that I will get in because this is something that makes me passionate about getting up in the morning. I did the right thing and got my bachelors and did what made my mom happy but right now I need to make myself happy! The best part is when I am finished with school I will have a book to take to agency's and get makeup gigs with and I will have all of the supplies to start out and go on location. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention the best part that while in school and after I graduate. I will be getting a 30 percent discount on MAC cosmetics. That in itself will pay for school!

Well I guess that is it for now but I'm sure there will be a celebration post when I have officially gotten the word that I am in!


P.S. CHeck out this look! So 80's I love it! This is from MAC's mattene collection.