Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Impromptu trip to San Francisco

So I have not gone to alcatrez, rode on a cable car, or walked across the Golden Gate Bridge but what I have done is drank my way through some great restaurants in San Francisco. Two of my besties live up there and one lives in the city and makes it her job to try every cool place so that when I come to visit I have somewhere absolutely fun to go!

So Friday night we started at the Tipsy Pig for some drinks and food. They have this amazing drink called Strawberry fields and its crushed strawberries, vodka, simple syrup and other good things and these things are amazing. Its got a really cool pub feel going on and really great food!

We sat in the far right corner by the wall and a really awesome touch that they do is when they bring you the receipt it is in an old book. Love it. After that we met up with some friends and went to some pubs.

On Saturday we headed down for bloody mary's, mimosa, deviled eggs, and biscuits at the Elite Cafe. Where we made great friends with the tender of the bar and he hooked us up with drinks and even made some of his own personal cocktail creations for us. Let me say I am a huge fan of his espresso martinis. narm.

Also, girls if you're going out for breakfast sit at the bar and make friends with the 'tender! You will have a way better experience...Just sayin.

Fast forward to my last day up there and we decide to do a walking tour of SFO. First we, got coffees and wandered around Fillmore St. which is filled with really cool shops and restaurants. We decided to do lunch at Dosa, which is a South Indian restaurant. We had such good food and we both had elderberry mimosas. Yum.

Then we headed down to Japantown and walked through the little mall to walk off our lunch. When were done there we headed down to the Clift Hotel, which is an awesome Phillipe Starke designed boutique Hotel. How awesome is this giant chair in the lounge? Plus, I love all the mismatched chairs in the lounge.

We hung out for a bit in the lounge waiting for their bar to open which is called the Redwood Room and rumor is the entire wood covered bar was made from one giant redwood tree back in the '20's. How effing cool is that?

We had a cocktail here and decided to do some more wandering to other bars . We tried to go to Bourbon and Branch. A really awesome speak easy bar/lounge but when we got there no one was answering their doorbell ( which btw you have to give a password at). So we ended up wandering to an Irish pub and grabbing a pint .

At this point we were a bit hungry so we headed down to Betelnut which is an amazing asian fusion restaurant. The Best part is the wait staff wheres these really awesome little costumes. Loved it in there and the food was to die for!

After this we headed back to the house and fell asleep. I had a long day of driving ahead of me on Monday and we were both tired from our debauchery all weekend long. Maybe one of my most favorite parts of the trip was on Monday morning we walked a block down to her local coffee shop and the city was so sleepy and beautifully quiet. For being right in the middle of the city you would have never guessed how serene it could be. I love SFO.



*all pictures were borrowed from a quick google search.

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