Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloweenie!

Hello Everyone!!

I'm finally back in Los Angeles after a long month of traveling!! I can't wait to not go anywhere till Christmas....

Couple of things to update on:

1.) I'm joining a blogger's book club. One of my daily reads Jasmine has put together a book club to go to. This I am really excited for because its a way to expand my friend network and its also a way to read more! I'm always thinking that I need to spend more time reading but I always do something else...ahem zuma (which I'm on bonus level 12 and can't seem to make it to level 13 without case you were wondering!)

2.) Need to wake that lazy bum of a boyfriend up ( its only 7:30 am) and drag him to the pumpkin patch with me! I really really want to get a pumpkin! Even though today is halloween and tomorrow it will be over :(

3.) really ticked off that I totally missed this event again! I have been trying to go to the Dia De Los Muertos event for like the past 3 years and every stinking year miss it! Fark....It was last weekend :(

So on that note lovies. I'm out. ( p.s. I wish I had this awesome spider lace hat from the pic below!)

via mmgoode

Happy Halloween!


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Please don't hate me!

I haven't meant to be M.I.A. but the days have slipped by and I always put blogging on the top of my list for tommorow.

Today, I took a major risk and bought black nail polish. Currently, I am loving it. I haven't quite cleaned up the parts where I colored over the lines but here's a little sampling of it and my new necklace Jack bought me! Its a piece of Tourmaline dipped in 14k. I love it!

Also, I recently downloaded a new app for my iphone. The camera bag app for $1.99 ( i believe) maybe it was $2.99. Totally worth it and it comes with like 6 or 7 different filters for your photos. I love them all except maybe the fish eye but its probably because pictures of people look a bit bizzare in a fish eye.

Anyways, thanks for still loving me and I'll try to blog more and be a stinker less!