Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Are we broken? Programmed to believe that we must be married to be happy and sucessful? But only to find out that we were never supposed to be.


Hello Friends-

Quick update on life. My dad passed away on January 12th. He's been pretty sick for a long time, but he had a brain anyuersm in August and has had several issues since then and he caught a lung infection in January and finally passed away. Now most of you know that I've never been really close but he's still my Dad and the point is that I now have to close the door with him and never be able to re-establish a good relationship with him. I think I am at peace with this and know that I have other people in my life who love and support me and that he loved me the best that he could.

So thank you for all your wishes and for support that you have shown me in the past.



Sunday, January 13, 2008

New Vintage Item

I struck out when I went to Silverlake last Wednesday but on Saturday I popped in to Salvation Army and found these little buggers. Instinct told me to pick them up! I did and when I googled them I found out that they are 1950's or 60's egg cups. So cute and it's a complete set! So now to sell them or keep them. That is always the hard part.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Hello Bitches

Today, Julie and I are going to go Thrifting and see what all sorts of naughty naughty trouble we can get into. We are headed out to Silverlake and possibly down to La Brea Ave. Wish us luck! I'll blog tonight if i get some goodies.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Retro Art in my own home.....

Today, was a very exciting day for me! I went to breakfast and decided to do some thrifting. Well to my surprise! I found an awesome piece of art!

I saw this beautiful girl, Giselle ( my own name for her), and I knew I had to buy it, and at $7.99 for the picture I though it was such a steal!

I get Giselle home and take off the back of the frame to find it with a mat and ready to be hung. So I bought a frame at Aaron Brothers today for $17.00 and I have frame Giselle.

So...just out of curiosity I decide to look up the artist, John Luke Eastman. Well my good friend John is from the 70's and its an original lithograph from that time period! So, I am in love with Giselle and even more now that I know she is from the 70's! yay!

Enjoy her! I know I will

Official Name: Crown Face
Year: 1974
Artist: John Luke Eastman
Media: Lithograph

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Craft Itch

Its happening. I want to craft. I dream that maybe I could quit my job and make crafts and sell them and do that full time. Maybe one day!

That is all....

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Its 2008 already!

Happy 2008 Friends! Its amazing how this past year has flown by for me, and I'm sure for you. I just came back last night from being in Wisconsin for a little bit over a week. It was great to see my friends and family. I miss everyone so much and its so hard to see everyone, but we try our best.

I have been doing some research on New Years resolutions and the word resolution has become such a negative thing. I MUST do this and this otherwise I'm a failure so I looked up some synonyms to use this year and I have come up with MyNew Years Purpose. This is a list I will be using to inspire and achieve my goals, hopefully.

My New Years Purpose

1. Finances
  • Starting a retirement savings plan
  • Look into investing my savings bonds and money
  • Start a saving for a rainy day fund
  • Work on credit score to get it as high as possible
  • To go out less and save more!
2. Business
  • Focus on what types of business I am interested in and narrow it down
  • Start looking into making the business a reality
  • Look into possible ways to promote and start a business
3. Career
  • Establish what type of career I want to have and in what field
  • Work on putting together a new resume and identity package to give to possible employers and being prepared to interview for the perfect job at any point in time
  • Look at what type of future I would like to have with a company and what type of financial situation I should be in with that company
  • Look into going back to school for business (part time, full time, night school)
4. Housework
  • Try to maintain a clean house at all times ( I know probably impossible!)
  • Keep up on laundry so its not a whole day chore!
  • Keep up on dishes or buy a dishwasher to make life easier!
6. Travel
  • Do more fun travel and exploring
    • Redwood Forest
    • Santa Barbara
    • Yosemite
    • Las Vegas
    • Des Moines
    • Anywhere in Europe
    • East Coast
    • Too many to name!
7. Learn
  • Take some type of classes at a local college to continue learning and have fun
  • Look into piano lessons to brush up on my skills
8. Self Discovery
  • To further develop myself and push myself to exceed the boundaries of what I view as possible for myself.
  • Learning to live in harmony with my self and surroundings
9. Environment
  • Look into ways that I can make less of an imprint
  • Buying more organic and local products
  • Joining a co-op
  • Traveling and offsetting my carbon imprint
10. Family
  • Spending time with my family and friends. Showing how much I love and appreciate them and their support they give me.
It was a hard list to come up with but it gives me a great in site into what I need to achieve in 2008. It is also good to put it out on in public so that people can help me to achieve my goals and push me when I get tired or think things are impossible.

Much love and happiness to everyone in 2008. Lets make this a year of achieving all of our hopes and dreams!