Sunday, November 11, 2007

Beauty School

Sorry for such a long time in between updates but its been busy! October flew by with Halloween and Maria's wedding in the first weekend of November. It was such a beautiful wedding and she really did an excellent job. I hope when I get married I can have a beautiful wedding as well! This is a picture from the ceremony. My friend Nina's, friend Jen, did the make up and it was done beautifully! It also helped me to realize what I really want to do as a profession.

Now, dont' get me wrong. I love where I work, but it's to mindless for me. I am such a bubbly and outgoing person that to sit at a desk and do CAD all day is death for me. It really is something that wrecks havoc on my personality. So, I am going to go for something that I would never imagine I could ever do, but I know I will be great at it.

I applied to beauty school. It is a beauty school located in Los Angeles right outside of Hollywood/Silverlake and it's called MKC. Down below is a picture of her and Arnold.
She is well known for doing celebrity work ( such as Johnny Depp!!!), working on commercials and movies. My main focus at the school will be to learn Beauty, Fashion, Print and Bridal makeup. Its a 10 week program that is heavily concentrated by attending school from 9-5 everyday and in the end I will have a masters of makeup artistry.
Then if all goes well, I am going to look into getting into Special Effects makeup. So right now, I have toured the school and I had to submit an essay that had kinda difficult questions on it and the board absolutely loved it! or that is what I hear from my admissions girl and on the 20th I have a phone interview with Margaret Kimura! yay! So please send good thoughts to me on that day! I am so confident that I will get in because this is something that makes me passionate about getting up in the morning. I did the right thing and got my bachelors and did what made my mom happy but right now I need to make myself happy! The best part is when I am finished with school I will have a book to take to agency's and get makeup gigs with and I will have all of the supplies to start out and go on location. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention the best part that while in school and after I graduate. I will be getting a 30 percent discount on MAC cosmetics. That in itself will pay for school!

Well I guess that is it for now but I'm sure there will be a celebration post when I have officially gotten the word that I am in!


P.S. CHeck out this look! So 80's I love it! This is from MAC's mattene collection.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Across the Universe

My heart aches because I feel that I haven't had the opportunity to make a difference in the world. I think every person is here for a purpose. Mine has not been used yet. Maybe it was watching the pain of losing a child to a revolution or losing a boyfriend to the war but while watching this movie it made me realize. My generation is full of empty, selfish and shallow people. Who are only concerned with what they have, not who they have touched. When my grandfather died in his wallet was a saying that said. "It doesn't matter the type of car your drive, the house your live in or what your bank account totals but that you mattered in the life of a child." I want to be that person who makes a difference in the world, not the one that owns the most shoes.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


This is a picture of me from class last night. haha. JK. I just started back up with ballet last evening. It is a 6 week intensive basic ballet class and it was with my teacher I had previously. I love it. She actually paid me a huge compliment. She said, "I'm so glad that you are here because I can teach up front and when we turn around everyone can follow you!" My mouth almost hit the floor. What a great thing for your teacher to say to you. I could see my reflection in the windows of the dance studio and I noticed that it seemed like people were following me, now I just need to remeber to count and keep track of what i am doing! The above picture is of a ballerina on toe. I am so jealous of her. My goal is to eventually learn pointe. Its not because I want/ think I could be a ballerina for a living but Its just a personal goal of mine. I envy the grace and the strength that it takes to be able to do that. I guess I will just have to keep on practicing.

My class last night was awesome. I really felt like now I am comfortable enough to concentrate on the basic ballet principles. I was working so hard. I think the lady next to me thought I was crazy. She just kinda flopped her foot out to the side and pretended to do the moves. She seemed like a new divorcee who's trying to "find herself" but hey props to signing up for a class that could possibly be embarrasing.

Well I have to go to work!


Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Busy Little Bee


So, just went to the MAC pro store yesterday. Yes, I did need a moment afterwards. Phew that place is amazing. I bought 2 sets of fake eyelashes for the next time I go out on the town and I also bought the new smokin eyes pallette( as seen below)and I purchased some of the Painterly collection, Moss Scape which comes in a paint pot. Then of course I bought some basics such as lipsticks, lip gelle, prep and prime lashes, and etc..I love it all. I have it already organized and in my little mac case.

On, other exciting news. I am going on a job site tommorow. My boss is taking me to a house in Beverly Park, which is a gated/exclusive community and apparently this house is like 42,000 sq. feet. I can't imagine it. I am so freaking excited to see this amazing thing!

And, other exciting news as far as jobs go. I am working full time on a as need basis. Which works for me. I get to cash in on working full time, but if I want to take a couple days off here and there its not big deal. I love my job! I am so happy that I am there.

I have to run but I love and miss you all!


Friday, August 24, 2007

Best Part of Being an Adult

Well there are many things I could say to give reasons on why I think it's amazing to be an adult, but this happens to be one of my favorite reasons, but there is one that frosts the cupcake ( no pun intended ;).....) Being able to have an iced coffee and a cupcake for breakfast ( don't worry I had a banana as well.)

So have a cupcake and embrace your older self. :)

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Some might say I have a problem

Some might say it's a problem. I say its a love affair. I seem to have many of these. With jewelry, shoes, and of course makeup. My most beloved being makeup.

It all started out when John suggested we go to Ross to look at some simple furniture, and I thought well what the hell might as well take a look on my way out to see if there are any shoes that are cute and this is where the problem started. I started trying them on and they just kept flying into the cart, and this is how I ended up with 6 new pairs of shoes, all for $103.65. what a steal.

here are my shoes in individual order

The First pair:
These little bad boys were only 10.99 and they match a headband I bought at Gap. I love it!

Next up:
These black patent leather mary jane peep toes. It was love at first site with these. Especially at the price of $19.99

Coming Next is :
a pair of school girl plaid slip ons. I love it. These will be perfect for a fall night wandering around the promenade. ( $12.99)

Following is:

A pair of wedged peep toe, 80's tweed flats. I love them. They have just enough heel to be sassy, but comfortable at the same time. I bet my little red pedicured feet will look sensational with these! ( OMG. only $19.99)

Hard to see, but adorable in real life:

These are black and white plaid peep toe heels. Such a cute pair of shoes and perfect to wear with jeans or a dress, and only $16.99

Last but certainly not least:

These stunning green and white tweed Shoes. Everything screams adorable. The tiny little green patent leather bow, to the green and white herringbone tweed fabric. These are so cute I can't wait to slip them on! Also, these were $14.99. Be jealous!

You might say, Jeez Raech. Got a problem, but seriously could you pass up such good prices on all Steve Madden and Dollhouse shoes. If i bought them from Steve Madden I would have paid anywhere from $50-100 on one pair of shoes, and I managed to get 6 pairs for the price of maybe 1 or 2. What a deal!


Leslie's Trip To Los Angeles

So, we need to keep an updated list of all the places we are going when my dear Leslie comes out to visit in September.

  • Anthropologie
  • Free People
  • Sprinkles
  • Sweet Peas and Snapshots
  • Shops on Main St. in Venice
  • Venice Canals
  • Groundworks
  • Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles
  • Chipotle
That is all for right now, but i'm sure the list will grow!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

This really bugs me!

I was just thinking about things that annoy me and well, I really am annoyed when people I don't know call me Raech...NO..that is a privelage that you get when you are my friend, not just some easy thing to say when you first meet me.

so there i said it.. don't' call me raech unless you are my b.f.f.

( it must be the caffeine that has made me a crazy lady this morning)

Stamps and French Pressed Coffee

Bonjour! Quoi de neuf? (

It was time for another blog and I thought I'd share some stampling that I bought last weekend with our $500 Dick Blick Gift Card. Remeber kids, always fill out raffles. You might win something. So, anyays, They come in this little metal tin and have this beautiful pale mint paper with all of the stamps on the front and inside the tin are these aged wooden blocks with different french stamp sayings on them, and a little ink pad.

So, this morning i took a few pictures of the tin, made some french pressed coffee ( see the picture below) and started playing around.

So, here are my pictures from the stamps, and for some stupid reason i can't figure out how to get the underlining function fark it and enjoy!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Makeup for the day

I was browsing M.A.C.'s webpage and found this picture of the new line Painterly. Soo pretty. I might have to stop in and see what kind of damage I can do! So my makeup can't compare to this picture but its been soo long since I actually planned out and put on pretty makeup that I felt like I had to blog about it.

Today the beautiful m.a.c. makeup was:

Base: Foundation
Lid: Gorgeous Gold
Inner corner and crease: Amber lights
Brow Bone: Rose Blanc
Eye Liner: Amber Lights
Cheek: Fluerry
Lipstick: Fun Fun
Eyelashes: Get Bent by Benefit

Than I wore a pale yellow 50's esque sweater, white tank top and dark blue denim sailor pants with pale yellow Steve madden wedges, and those little lady silhouette earrings that I bought off of etsy.



Friday, August 10, 2007

Scary Things Happening

So, I'm all snuggled up in my fresh clean blanket and just drifted off into one of those really nice sleeps when I hear a rumbling. So, I wake up agitated that my sleep has been disrupted and I in the most delicate and feminine way possible say "WTF IS GOING ON?" and I realize we are having an earthquake. I was immediately very scared and hid under the blankets for all 3 seconds that it lasted. About 5 mins later. Marley let out of a few very mean barks to let who ever was shaking his house to quit it. Thanks for protecting me AFTER it is all over.

So boys and girls that is the story of my first earthquake. It was a 4.5 on the Richter scale and it took place in Chatsworth over 30 miles away and that was the after shock of it in S.M.



Saturday, July 28, 2007

Eye Lash Dying?!?!

So today, I was getting my eyebrows threaded and my lady who does them asks me if I have ever had my eye lashes dyed? Now to me it sounds like a scam but she says it is really beautiful and lasts for about 4 weeks or a little bit longer and you won't even need mascara. So hmmpfh...I say. Maybe next time I go into get my eyebrows threaded I'll have her do this.

Peace out.


Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Have you tried it? Maybe you should? Its a fermented tea that has been around for thousands of years. Its supposed to have amazing health properties to it. I am going to try it for one month and see if I feel/act any different. Its an odd taste. Its described as an apple cider with a bit of vinegar taste. I do not care for the strawberry as much as the raspberry. The strawberry tastes a little bit off.

Try it. I bought mine at whole foods.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Oh Lordy Etsy's Terrible!

Ok so, since I just got done talking about ballet. I took a look on and I immediately went to my favorite seller and took a look at her new inventory and what little necklace caught my eye but miss ballerina. I love it! so Of course I bought it. I think I have about 7 lulu items, and I also had to pick up a pair of earrings while i was there, but sunken treasure ( as picture below).

Then, these are some past items I bought...

This little necklace is called a secret courtship. I :heart: this beauty! I wear it all the time! and then the other pair of earrings I bought when I purchased this is these little well manered ladies.

Someone take my credit card away! I can't stop! ahah...thank god for graduation money, but now for all you scrooges who might be reading this. NO worries, I did open a savings account with some of the money and I am squirreling it away! I'd like to start looking at buying a house in the next 2 years. So I can quit spending money on rent! ARGH..

ok..enough of talking about saving.


New Purchases

This is my new bread box for my kitchen! I found it on ebay and I am absolutely in love with it. I might try and refinish it and get a new sticker to put on it. Their are a couple of nicks and scrapes but overall I love it and maybe I'll pick my new colors for the kitchen off of this box! Now before you think..ew um gross you're going to put you're bread in it. I plan on keeping wrapped bread in it and of course I'll give it a through Lysol spray inside, but I think it's going to look darling on my little counter!Next, eBay item up is two anthropologie kitsch 'n' glam aprons! They are aprons designed to fit like a retro dress, but obviously made out of good kitcheny material! I love these fun aprons. Normally they are $38.99 on, but i was able to snag two aprons for $48.00 with shipping on eBay! and they are nwt( i really hope that means new with tag)

So hopefully, these will be what i ordered and I can go to town in my kitchen with all my new aprons!

Last night, I was going to attempt to make Thai Curry, but after going to the dog park I decided that I would much rather go to El Torito. So off we went and split a pitcher of blackberry margaritas. I asked how many the pitcher held and he said, oh about 4...Well i think he meant about 4 each. So a very buzzed Raechel drove home. It was quite silly, I live um...3 blocks for El torito, but I just hopped in the car without even thinking about it.

OH welll.

What else is new in Raechel land. I have gotten back to ballet. I know go on Wednesday right around lunch. I really love it. I do have a new teacher and she is good, but she isn't quite like my old teacher. Alicia ( the new teacher) is a prego, so its harder for her to teach and she can't show us jumps or anything, which sucks a little but she's really nice and I feel like I am getting a good ballet education from her. Jack built me a bar this weekend so I can practice when I am at home. I really want to learn how to be en pointe. That is a goal. If I had stuck with ballet when I was 5 I would be en pointe now, but alas, I was a foolish girl and wanted to play basketball (!?!?!??!??!?) (ok, don't judge. everyone else in my class was!) Maybe next time I am home I will put up pictures of me in my basketball regalia..It is quite amusing. Just as an FYI. Mother's should not be allowed to dress their children. I had to wear black socks with black tennis shoes because that was the color on out jerseys..oy vay..

This is going to be a super long post, but I feel that it is very worth you're reading because of all of the amazing things that have been going on.......or I just really wanted to share about my latest and greatest eBay purchases!

ok, well my bit of wisdom is "grease after the peace " ( i guess its a surfing mantra)



Sunday, July 15, 2007

New Glasses!

So, you might look over to your right and see these giant sunglasses. They are my newest sunglass purchase. I bought them from a Vintage Store in Silverlake where I got my other infamous glasses. I love them!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Busy, Busy, Busy

Hey Friends!

So I've been uber busy this past month or so. I had my portfolio show on June 14th and then the graduation ceremony on Jun 18th. My brother and my mom flew out to celebrate the commencement with me. My mom gave me two puppies from her current litter as a graduation/new home present. We have a boy, Marley Bear and a little girl, Stella Bean. I'll put up some pictures of them. Marley is the one chewing on the pillow and Stella is the one in the cage.

Things are getting back to normal now that my mom and brother left, but still pretty busy. Maria's wedding is in November so its getting busy doing all of those weddingey things. I am going to buy my bridesmaid dress today and then in August we are going to Vegas for a party and I have 2 bridal showers in September to attend and then before we know it the wedding will be here in November! eek!! I am so excited for it.

Hope everyone is having a fun summer!


P.S. Listen to plain white t's "hey there delilah" its my new favorite song!

Monday, June 11, 2007


Ok, so many apologies for not blogging for a little bit, but its been tres crazy! I have my portfolio show on Thursday and thank god my book is done for it. I need to make a list of everything that I have left to finish

1. Resume
2. Identity package
3. CD with powerpoint of my portfolio
4. 2 giagantic 24x36 boards for the show
5. A new outfit :)
6. 3d max project for wednesday

That is about it! My mom is flying out on Friday and she's bringing my puppies and my brother is going to be here on Sunday! I am so excited to have my family out here. My mom was out a year ago and my brothers never been out to visit while I have lived here!



Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Freaking Out

Yes it is true, im freaking out. I graduate in 3 weeks! eek and I have so much work to do!

kill me now!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

My puppy is in here!!

Here is the whole litter of pups. Mine is in there, and I think she is the one sitting closest to the bed in the upper left and the other one we are getting is in between the one in the middle and the one sitting facing the bed! We've decided on Lilly and Stella. Tell me what you think?!?!

Goodnight and sweet dreams


Monday, May 21, 2007

My new purchase!

This is my new necklace that I bought tonight off of Its this fabulous website that has all these different handmade items and a lot of vintagey items. The title of this locket necklace is Miss Mary Mack. It was the creators necklace when she was a girl in the 70's. I thought it was so adorable. I had to have it!

Know I need some little pictures to put in my lockets.

Bloggins for today


This past weekend was hella crazy. I ended up working a lot on my portfolio for school and I will be posting my link to my website as soon as I have some stuff on it. I have to do some work for my portfolio and 3d max class. I have uploaded another photograph I took. I have been so busy lately that I haven't even had time to take any photos. This photo is from the Venice Canals in Venice, CA. Its a private residence area, but I saw this little boy playing with a boat in the water and I thought it would make an amazing picture. And voila it did!



Saturday, May 19, 2007

Gotta talk about some makeup

well since my url is confessionsofamakeupaddict I thought I better add some stuff about makeup right!?!?

So, here it goes. I was introduced to makeup by my dear friend Leska and ever since its been an affair to remeber. I bought their latest collection in March ( called Ballonacy. I :heart: it. Its pretty dramatic so I dont wear it all that often, but its very fun.

I also learned how to get those pesky single eyeshadows and blushes out and how to put them in your pro pallette.

A Tongs
A flame ( ie..candle, but you have to be able to get really close to the flame
Flathead Screw Driver

M.A.C. makeup that you want to get out

1. Light candle and put your eyeshadow/blush into the tongs so that you can hold it over the openflame. It gets pretty warm, and once it melts enough you flip it over and push with the flathead screwdriver the makeup out. Make sure to do it pretty close to the table so you dont break the makeup. Then I stick it in the pallette. It worked for me, but I broke an old blush trying it out. So hopefully it works but its at your own risk!

Well it appears that tommorow I will be heading out to the M.A.C. pro store and be picking up some new items! I can't wait!





Just wanted to say hi and welcome you to my new page! If you're a friend, thank you for the support and if you've just stumbled upon this page then welcome!

I'm new to this so hopefully everything runs smoothly. If something is odd just drop me a line and I'll fix it. I'm also going to try and put up some of my photography that I have with my blogs. The picture on the left is from a trip I took home to Wisconsin this past spring and is acctually a door that is overgrown on the side of my grandma's barn.

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!