Monday, January 3, 2011

Reality Check

I love my job but I also love not working. I miss my carefree unemployed days but missed having a paycheck and stability back then too! Plus job hunting and interviewing isn't all that fun to do for an extended period of time - like when you don't get the job it all of the sudden takes you back to 6th grade! Am I not cool enough? Is my hair stupid? Even if there are 300+ other people trying to interview for the same job (not a joke).

After being on vacation for 12 days over the holiday I'm a little hesitant to go back to work. The millions of emails to catch up on, the lists for stuff at home to do but we didn't but hey, its 2011 and time for a fresh start. I really love the New Year and having a New beginning. A lot changed for me in 2010 and I look forward to what 2011 brings.

Happy Monday!

P.S. Read what was happening a year ago here

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