Friday, January 21, 2011

France and Belgium - Part Three

Le Louvre - We went twice, the first time was in the evening and we were so tired we could barely keep our eyes open. So we ventured out again and came back in the day when we had much more energy. It was nice to not have to pay twice! The museum pass was accepted here so we didn't feel rushed and like we had to get everything in this one visit! Plus, where we stayed we were only a short walk to the Louvre so it was really nice.Personally, while the Louvre is impressive I really enjoy the British Museum in London. It was still fun to go see different exhibits here though. The Louvre is massive and has a nice sized shopping center attached to it. We probably spent three to four hours there on our second trip. I did love the architecture of the Louvre though.

One of the wings.

The latest architectural edition. It's very beautiful at night during the day well its very structural looking.

Addicted to bejeweled. I was playing it while he was snapping lots of pictures.

Another view of a wing. This architecture is all over the place in Paris. It makes for such a beautiful skyline.

Now inside of the museum there were many beautiful sculptures and paintings.

One of the main reasons for visiting this museum was to see the "Winged Victory."

The statue is very beautiful and the amount of people who crowd around her is amazing.

Luckily its not the same amount that surround the Mona Lisa.

This to me was the biggest disappointment. The painting is surrounded by guards and you can maybe stand as close as twenty feet away. Everyone is pushing and snapping photographs and its not a very pleasant experience but we had to see her. What's amazing is there is a giant, and I mean an enormous painting directly opposite of the Mona Lisa.

Hardly anyone pays any attention to it. What a way to be upstaged.

I'll have to continue tomorrow with more of the sculptures. We took LOTS of pictures in the Louvre.
Happy Friday!

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