Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Paris and Belgium - Part Two

Notre Dame - Notre Dame was only a short ten minute walk from our beautiful little apartment while staying in Paris. The first day and having not really planned out anything we decided we were going to go to Notre Dame. The really awesome part of Europe is that they sell museum passes. You choose your denomination and you can buy anything from two-six day passes. We choose the six day pass and probably should have planned better and choose the four day pass but oh well! So basically Notre Dame is free but the tower costs extra and you can use the museum pass to go to the Tower. Which we didn't; the line was excruciatingly long that day so we decided we'd come back and we never did. Regret #1.

The Notre Dame is so beautiful.

The inside of Notre Dame is just as beautiful!

Forgive me but some of the photo's are blurry. We didn't bring a tripod and flash is prohibited. I love this beautiful enormous rose window. Its amazing!

Beautiful memorial candles that are all throughout the church.

A famous sculpture of the headless saint, Saint Denis, that is depicted on the left side of the main entrance of Notre Dame.

One of my favorite pictures from the trip of us!

Notre Dame is simply stunning from all sides. I loved the park behind Notre Dame. It was beautiful! We spent a long time here talking and planning our trip.

Its even more stunning at night! Since Notre Dame is on an island we walked down to the lower areas of the island and there is a walk way that runs the entire span of the river.

After spending some time in the park we walked around to find some really great Parisian food treats.

Like a hot waffle with powdered sugar


eating this amazing fresh fig tartlette. It was amazing and so fresh tasting. The food tasted better in Paris in my opinion!

More tomorrow! This is only the second day of our eleven day trip.

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