Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Paris and Belgium - Part One Continued

Wandering the Pont Du Neuf - We stayed in a cute little apartment on the left side of the Pont Du Neuf in the fifth arrondisment. The apartment was tiny and the shower couldn't be turned on full strenght or the tub would overfill but it was charming and it was in Paris! So after we freshened up a little from the hours of travelling we decided to take a quick walk through our little neighborhood and see what we could find! We walked across the Pont and in the middle of it is the island that holds Notre Dame. Its truly beautiful. I could spend the rest of my life there, no like seriously I could and would.

On the pont there are several street vendors selling hot roasted chestnuts for 3-5 euro's. They come folded up in a newspaper cone and are sweet and nutty and sooo good. This was my first food since landing in Paris.Enjoying hot chestnuts and the river!

Woof. He's so cute sometimes!

We wandered around some more and had dinner at a little small cafe. We both kind of fell asleep at the table, literally. The owner was a little offended and she kept on asking if the food was alright and finally I explained that we had flown in from Los Angeles that day and she immediately understood. We made the trek back to out little apartment and crossed over the Pont once more for that day. It is beautiful at night!

Up tomorrow, Notre Dame!

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