Thursday, January 13, 2011

Travel Bug

I've got it again! I can't help it but maybe I can. I guess I don't need to make my homepage Budget Travel where they put these amazing photo's from all over the world as the first thing I see when I get up every morning.

I think this is in China. Not 100% positive.

Some beautiful place in Madrid.

I'd love to go to Russia!
*all images from budget travel

Not sure if 2011 holds a lot of international travel for us. We want to focus on saving and paying off unnecessary debt and while we did save and budget for our trip last year it left our savings account a little barren. I think this year we might plan a trip back home to Wisconsin and road trip it back! How much fun would that be? We've got several stops in the U.S. that we could do and it'd be nice to spend a few days just together driving. I also need to put together some posts about our trip to France and Belgium. It was amazing and even last night I was desperately missing France. Big city America isn't the same as big city Europe. oh well, C'est La Vie.

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