Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Christmas 2010 -- all wrapped up

A bit delayed but some photo's from our Christmas. First we had a party the weekend before Christmas at our house. We invited about 40 people and about 20 showed. Our little house was packed nice and tight but it was fun to have all of our friends over. They made fun of my insane little elf collection. I wore a really cute sparkly top that I snagged at F21 and wore some fake lashes.

A picture of our Christmas tree before we ripped open all of our gifts.

I guess I'm pretty lucky. Opening presents is about my second most favorite thing in the world and now at Christmas I have 3 separate Christmas sessions. One in our home in California and one in each of our parents home (Christmas Eve and Christmas Day). It makes this present happy girl very happy!
A somewhat blurry picture of what we got each other.

From Left - Grey Michael Kors Purse, Talk Dirty French Phrase book, Mini Diana, Kitson grey collared sweatshirt, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zero's vinyl, 2 screen printed t-shirts from Mr. Fuzzy Ink, a Burberry scarf, A grey cap, a passport holder and a "This is Paris" book.

We flew out on a red eye to Wisconsin and it was pretty darn cold but it didn't snow to much for us the entire time we were there. Major bummer. If you're gonna freeze it might as well be beautiful out!

We had a nice dinner at grandma's house.

and drank Tom and Jerry's

and played with Max. Max is our puppies uncle.

Afterward, we ripped into a giant stack of presents!

P.S. the tv wasn't a gift. Its the same one I had in my bedroom growing up and it has a clicky turndial for a remote.

Afterwards, we went back to my mom's house and proceeded to take some pictures. Here's one I absolutely love of us. I made him laugh really hard and we happened to catch it on camera.

The next moring was Christmas and we headed to his parents for some popovers. Its a tradition in my family and his and we've decided it makes the best breakfast on Christmas day. So for about the past 6 years that is what we've done and I love it!

The time change is really killing me! I'm proudly holding this years' batch of popovers. You eat them with honey and butter or preserves. I'm also wearing my new gray sweatshirt I got from his Mom from Anthro. Its too die for french terry and sooo comfy!

Later on in the week before we left we met up with my grandma again and took a few pictures outside.

I was naughty and stole his burberry scarf to keep me warm!
We stopped by a farm by my grandma's and took pictures of their sheep and the barn.

We had sushi with my brother and sister in law. Definitely, something I'd miss leaving southern California is the cheap sushi. While it was good it was expensive!

We shared a love boat of sushi.

After dinner, even though it was maybe 20 degrees we went and had frozen custard. We're crazy in Wisconsin! It's never too cold for frozen custard.

We also went with friends to see Black Swan. Which is too die for in my opinion. I don't think I breathed the entire time. The dancing was amazing and beautiful. Big props to Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman for doing their own dancing!

We had somewhat of a nightmare flight back to Los Angeles but was happy to be home before New Years and have some ramen from Asian Ya! All in all it was a great Christmas!

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