Saturday, May 19, 2007

Gotta talk about some makeup

well since my url is confessionsofamakeupaddict I thought I better add some stuff about makeup right!?!?

So, here it goes. I was introduced to makeup by my dear friend Leska and ever since its been an affair to remeber. I bought their latest collection in March ( called Ballonacy. I :heart: it. Its pretty dramatic so I dont wear it all that often, but its very fun.

I also learned how to get those pesky single eyeshadows and blushes out and how to put them in your pro pallette.

A Tongs
A flame ( ie..candle, but you have to be able to get really close to the flame
Flathead Screw Driver

M.A.C. makeup that you want to get out

1. Light candle and put your eyeshadow/blush into the tongs so that you can hold it over the openflame. It gets pretty warm, and once it melts enough you flip it over and push with the flathead screwdriver the makeup out. Make sure to do it pretty close to the table so you dont break the makeup. Then I stick it in the pallette. It worked for me, but I broke an old blush trying it out. So hopefully it works but its at your own risk!

Well it appears that tommorow I will be heading out to the M.A.C. pro store and be picking up some new items! I can't wait!



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