Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Busy Little Bee


So, just went to the MAC pro store yesterday. Yes, I did need a moment afterwards. Phew that place is amazing. I bought 2 sets of fake eyelashes for the next time I go out on the town and I also bought the new smokin eyes pallette( as seen below)and I purchased some of the Painterly collection, Moss Scape which comes in a paint pot. Then of course I bought some basics such as lipsticks, lip gelle, prep and prime lashes, and etc..I love it all. I have it already organized and in my little mac case.

On, other exciting news. I am going on a job site tommorow. My boss is taking me to a house in Beverly Park, which is a gated/exclusive community and apparently this house is like 42,000 sq. feet. I can't imagine it. I am so freaking excited to see this amazing thing!

And, other exciting news as far as jobs go. I am working full time on a as need basis. Which works for me. I get to cash in on working full time, but if I want to take a couple days off here and there its not big deal. I love my job! I am so happy that I am there.

I have to run but I love and miss you all!


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