Monday, August 13, 2007

Makeup for the day

I was browsing M.A.C.'s webpage and found this picture of the new line Painterly. Soo pretty. I might have to stop in and see what kind of damage I can do! So my makeup can't compare to this picture but its been soo long since I actually planned out and put on pretty makeup that I felt like I had to blog about it.

Today the beautiful m.a.c. makeup was:

Base: Foundation
Lid: Gorgeous Gold
Inner corner and crease: Amber lights
Brow Bone: Rose Blanc
Eye Liner: Amber Lights
Cheek: Fluerry
Lipstick: Fun Fun
Eyelashes: Get Bent by Benefit

Than I wore a pale yellow 50's esque sweater, white tank top and dark blue denim sailor pants with pale yellow Steve madden wedges, and those little lady silhouette earrings that I bought off of etsy.



1 comment:

Leslie said...

wonderful! I was just talking to good friend Patrick at my MAC and in the month of October I can get 20% off with the Goodwill sale! Yeehaa!