Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Some might say I have a problem

Some might say it's a problem. I say its a love affair. I seem to have many of these. With jewelry, shoes, and of course makeup. My most beloved being makeup.

It all started out when John suggested we go to Ross to look at some simple furniture, and I thought well what the hell might as well take a look on my way out to see if there are any shoes that are cute and this is where the problem started. I started trying them on and they just kept flying into the cart, and this is how I ended up with 6 new pairs of shoes, all for $103.65. what a steal.

here are my shoes in individual order

The First pair:
These little bad boys were only 10.99 and they match a headband I bought at Gap. I love it!

Next up:
These black patent leather mary jane peep toes. It was love at first site with these. Especially at the price of $19.99

Coming Next is :
a pair of school girl plaid slip ons. I love it. These will be perfect for a fall night wandering around the promenade. ( $12.99)

Following is:

A pair of wedged peep toe, 80's tweed flats. I love them. They have just enough heel to be sassy, but comfortable at the same time. I bet my little red pedicured feet will look sensational with these! ( OMG. only $19.99)

Hard to see, but adorable in real life:

These are black and white plaid peep toe heels. Such a cute pair of shoes and perfect to wear with jeans or a dress, and only $16.99

Last but certainly not least:

These stunning green and white tweed Shoes. Everything screams adorable. The tiny little green patent leather bow, to the green and white herringbone tweed fabric. These are so cute I can't wait to slip them on! Also, these were $14.99. Be jealous!

You might say, Jeez Raech. Got a problem, but seriously could you pass up such good prices on all Steve Madden and Dollhouse shoes. If i bought them from Steve Madden I would have paid anywhere from $50-100 on one pair of shoes, and I managed to get 6 pairs for the price of maybe 1 or 2. What a deal!



Leslie said...

Oh wonderful! I love the pictures and the explanations of all your beautiful shoes. I need to do the same with mine. I have to go pick them up tomorrow from the store because they were stretching them in for me. I will have to plan my outfit around them and get them before I have to be into work. Oh gosh! I don't think the mall even opens before I have to be at work. It will be my lunch break!

Megan said...

I truly am jealous. The last pair of shoes I bought, although really cute, were $70! I need to go shopping with you!