Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Oh Lordy Etsy's Terrible!

Ok so, since I just got done talking about ballet. I took a look on www.etsy.com and I immediately went to my favorite seller www.lulusparkles.com and took a look at her new inventory and what little necklace caught my eye but miss ballerina. I love it! so Of course I bought it. I think I have about 7 lulu items, and I also had to pick up a pair of earrings while i was there, but sunken treasure ( as picture below).

Then, these are some past items I bought...

This little necklace is called a secret courtship. I :heart: this beauty! I wear it all the time! and then the other pair of earrings I bought when I purchased this is these little well manered ladies.

Someone take my credit card away! I can't stop! ahah...thank god for graduation money, but now for all you scrooges who might be reading this. NO worries, I did open a savings account with some of the money and I am squirreling it away! I'd like to start looking at buying a house in the next 2 years. So I can quit spending money on rent! ARGH..

ok..enough of talking about saving.


1 comment:

lulusparkles said...

Thanks Raechel,you are a Doll!
you made me blush!