Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Have you tried it? Maybe you should? Its a fermented tea that has been around for thousands of years. Its supposed to have amazing health properties to it. I am going to try it for one month and see if I feel/act any different. Its an odd taste. Its described as an apple cider with a bit of vinegar taste. I do not care for the strawberry as much as the raspberry. The strawberry tastes a little bit off.

Try it. I bought mine at whole foods.


Leslie said...

I have never tried store boughten, I have only have my Mother's that she makes and the few times we made our on here at the house. I still have the mushroom under my counter. I think it is time to throw it away. It's been around way to long! I will have to try the Raspberry.
How is your month long going?

Anonymous said...

you are weird... andy wants you to buy a shroom from ebay...that's even weirder