Wednesday, September 5, 2007


This is a picture of me from class last night. haha. JK. I just started back up with ballet last evening. It is a 6 week intensive basic ballet class and it was with my teacher I had previously. I love it. She actually paid me a huge compliment. She said, "I'm so glad that you are here because I can teach up front and when we turn around everyone can follow you!" My mouth almost hit the floor. What a great thing for your teacher to say to you. I could see my reflection in the windows of the dance studio and I noticed that it seemed like people were following me, now I just need to remeber to count and keep track of what i am doing! The above picture is of a ballerina on toe. I am so jealous of her. My goal is to eventually learn pointe. Its not because I want/ think I could be a ballerina for a living but Its just a personal goal of mine. I envy the grace and the strength that it takes to be able to do that. I guess I will just have to keep on practicing.

My class last night was awesome. I really felt like now I am comfortable enough to concentrate on the basic ballet principles. I was working so hard. I think the lady next to me thought I was crazy. She just kinda flopped her foot out to the side and pretended to do the moves. She seemed like a new divorcee who's trying to "find herself" but hey props to signing up for a class that could possibly be embarrasing.

Well I have to go to work!


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Leslie said...

you look so light and graceful in the picture! :)
I enjoyed ballet back in the days I took it. But tap was my favorite. I just love tapping along with the music.
p.s. are you wearing your loverly leg warmers?