Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Product Review

Sally Hansen Insta Dry Nail Polish

I am horrible at painting my nails. I can do a mean left hand paint job but as soon as I switch hands and try to paint my right. I look like I let a blind 4 year old paint my nails.

So I've discovered two tricks that really help me to look somewhat presentable when I paint my inkers.

I have this color and also black. It literally is dry within a few seconds of painting it on. The only problem I sometimes have with it is that its very thick and sometimes hard to manage because of that. Also, it doesn't last really long but I really don't put on a top coat or do any of that. Its about the same length as how long my manicures last anyways. Washing dishes, crafting, dogs, and life always seem to help ruin my perfectly manicured nails.

My second tool is the Sally Hansen Make No Mistakes Manicure Pen.

The pen works pretty well at first but its a bit dry now that I've had it for a while. I wish it was a bit more juice. Its nice that it comes with a bunch of different tips depending on what exactly you are trying to do with it but at a price tag of $9.95 its a bit steep for how long it lasts.

Anyone else has any other tips for an impatient gal who loves to have manicured inkers?



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