Monday, January 4, 2010

Color Trend for 2010

Turquoise! Let me just start off by saying I'm a huge turquoise fan. I can never figure out how to incorperate the color into my wardrobe but its around me in my life. My office is painted a beautiful blueish turquoise, I have turquoise bowls/coffee mugs, turquoise in my dinner plates, etc.. My final portfolio for design school was turquoise and red. I love this color seriously. Just incase you are thinking turquoise and red? Say what! See this beautiful natural example of it. Its such a beautiful combination.

Here's a few beautiful pieces off etsy to get anyone wardrobe started with Turquoise

via etsy

via etsy

These lovely other turquoise inspirations if you are like me and can't really incorporate it into fashion but love to bring it into your home.

Absolutely love this molded plastic chair. I think I'd die for my kitchen to look like this.

Beautiful little pom poms for a quaint party. Its so pretty especially in this beautiful bright color.

I'm also a sucker for peacock feathers. I love the rich jewel tones that come from the feathers.

I hope this post brings some beautiful inspiration to your Monday morning. I imagine a lot of people need some help getting back in gear after the holidays and for those of you who are stuck in a blustery cold place may these pictures help you dream of exotic warm places to be this summer.



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