Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Edge of Love

Just finished watching this movie on netflix. Not sure how I felt about it. I really like Matthew Rhys ( brother and sisters!) who plays Dylan Thomas but I absolutely can't stand Keira Knightley. She always looks like she has her nose sucked in. Go look. Now next time you watch one of her movies that is all you will see. Plus this movie is set during WWII. Didn't Kiera already just make a love story set in WWII. Come on lets get some fresh beautiful actresses hollywood! To make matters worse she marries Cillian Murphy ( barf) what a creep after watching that scary movie where he stalks a girl on a plane! Buuuuuuuuuuuuut, I loved that Sienna Miller played Dylan Thomas' wife. She was amazing and tolerant! What a cheat Dylan Thomas was!!

Check out these gorgeous stills from the film! It looks like they're clothing came straight from an Anthropologie store! Love it!!

And the trailer in case you've never heard/seen of this movie! I seriously get the best use out of watching netflix movies on my computer. We have the $18 package per month and I think that maybe we watch 2-3 movies a month on disc but through instant watch, I see at least 10-15.

Ciao for today unless I find something else brilliant to blog about! but I think I'm going to go pop in season 3 of Dexter and watch those while Jack is still working.

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