Friday, January 1, 2010

2009 a year in Review

Poured myself a glass of champagne (leftover from last night) and decided to put together a little review of 2009 in pictures. I thought last year was an amazing year even with the trials and tribulations ( ie..getting laid off unexpectedly). I really enjoyed this past year and look forward to 2010 being just as wonderful. So without further a do please enjoy the highlights of last year!

Brought in the New Year with a New Year Redux with friends at a local wine bar

Went Ice Skating for really the 1st time ( and in California!)

Celebrated Valentines at home with a surprise dinner compliments of Chef Jaque

Loved my puppies

Visited Leslie and Des Moines for the first time ever.

1st girls only birthday trip to Sonoma / San Francisco

Celebrated my 25th birthday again

Celebrated Jack's 25th Birthday!

Maria came out to visit me for a 2nd time in 4 years!

Thoroughly skunked Jack in Monopoly

Had our first craft fair experience

Celebrated Thanksgiving for the first time in our new house!

Welcomed my new nephew into the world ( luckily my flight was cancelled and I was able to be there to say hello to him!

I hope your 2009 was as wonderful as I thought mine was!

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