Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Why Hello There!

One of my friends put this vid up on facebook and I told him I was going to steal it and blog about it. I love love it! Maybe its the music, maybe its the Rock-a-billy dancers but Tokyo looks like an amazing place to go visit! I'm booking my flight!

Its pretty gloomy out here in LA but I actually love it! June gloom is my favorite. In a way I'm totally just teasing myself because I know that is not acctually going to rain but I really wish for rain! I'm a soup girl so this weather makes me happy so that I can enjoy soups. Last night, I finally got out the crock pot and made split pea soup. I know, I know, you probably dont like it but I LOVE IT! I could have split pea soup probably everyday. My recipe isn't amazing but it tastes good. I experminted and tried "Not chicken bullion cubes". Basically it is a vegetarian base for soups but has the salty/chiky flavor of real chicken cubes. It does make a difference to use vegetable stock insetad of chicken/beef stock when making soups. Yummmmmmmmmmmm I had some for breakfast :)

My final big news of today, the car is finally here! Well almost, its on the truck and should be at my doorstep between 5p.m. and 6p.m. today. I am almost more excited because my record player and records are in the trunk of our new car! I've been missing my record player like no other and just recently discovered a record store at the end of my block! Yipppeee!!!

Ok I have lots of errands to do like get more air tanks for Mr. Fizzle, mail a t-shirt, get money to pay the car guy, return some stuff to anthro,etc...Who knew being a lady of leisure woudl keep me so occupied!


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