Thursday, June 4, 2009

life is....

not good this week...not to be totally dramatic but life has shoveled up a big ole pile o shit for me! So we got the car on Tuesday (awesome!) went to the dmv early Wednesday morning to get plates and all that and wait 2hrs for them to tell us that we cant register it because we didnt have the title...grumble....So we went home convinced that we had dropped it somewhere or never brought it and finally after 6+ hours of ripping apart my house. I spoke with my step dad and he "accidentally" forgot to send the title and it was sitting in his scanner. Now I totally understand this was a mistake but i spent all day searching for it. So rewind 3+ hours into the search and I decide to take a break and pick up Jack from work. Jump into my little hussy honda crv and it doesn't work. She's been old faithful for the past 3 years. Suddenly of all days when I have a full plate of shit this is tossed on my lap. So jack comes home and we diagnose its not the battery, not the blah blah. We think we might have watery gas so we get a bottle of water asorber and later on I start her up and she is ok. So i head to pick up Jack from work and about 3 blocks from home she dies! SOooooooooooooo...i have her towed to pep boys and I get the feeling they are going to rip me off so i have jack limp her home. We have some clues on what the problem might be but right now we just dont have the extra cash flow to fix my car. We just dumped a few thousand into getting this corvette and registering/titling the car. The final shit storm on shit harbor would be today my landlord called and apparently one of the neighbors in the building next door complained about our dogs barking. Honestly, they dont have a leg to stand on because they ahve a couple of dogs next door that literally throw themselves on our bushes and growl until my dogs start barking. Its really frustrating and I hope that is the extent of our problems. Our landlord stuck up for us and told them to talk to us becasue we are nice and reasonable but that if they have dogs next door they can't really complain about our dog barking. I understand completely the frustration because we live in the city and people live close together but if your dogs are going to bark then so are mine!

via natalie dee

I like to look at loldogs, lolcats, natalie dee and also watching movies to make me feel happy soo...
I'm watching a dreamy version of frankenstein right now to cheer me up. I know it sounds like an oxymoron but its for free on the hallmark channel right now if you go to on demand- free movies-hallmark channel. Its about Victor Frankenstein and Elizabeth. The only thing that is kind of odd is Elizabeth is an orphan that Victors parents take in. So isn't she technically his "sister" in so many words? Oh shit! They just ran over a dog. This isn't going to cheer me up at all!

Heres to hoping the rest of the week gets a bit sunnier!



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