Sunday, May 31, 2009

End of Vacation Week :(

Argh...I'm probably the worst person to sum up in a few paragrahps why something is good but tonight on our last night of vacation I'm watching one of my favorite movies. "The Fall" is an amazing fairy tale-esque story done by Tarem Singh. He is one of my favorite directors because he has such amazing visuals. He also directed " The Cell." I tend to really like movies that are based on fairy tales, another one of my faovirte movies is "Pan's Labryinth," to watch these movies makes my creative juices just bubble.

One of the first scenes of the "fairy tale" part of the story. The tree is acctually a man who is a mystic to help them defeat the villian of the fairy tale. A lot of the movie is very virbrant and beautiful landscapes.

This is a still of Roy and Alexandria who are the main characters of the movie. This little girl is so adorable!

A synopsis from IMDB

"While young Alexandria is recuperating from a fractured arm in a Los Angeles Hospital, she befriends another patient, Roy Walker, who tells a variety of tales, including one about Emperor Alexander, and the second story of six men: Luigi - an explosions expert; a Native American Indian; A runaway slave; an East Indian swordsman; a masked bandit; and Charles Darwin - all on a quest to kill oppressive Spanish Governor Odious for individually inflicting atrocities on each and every one of them. She soon becomes embroiled in this tale and starts mixing fiction with reality not realizing that Roy is using her to procure a drug for him."

I highly recommend the movie if you want to be entertained and see some amazing landscapes/visual. I also really like his other movie "The Cell" for similar reasons but that one is much scarier! I'm pretty sure Blockbuster carries this movie otherwise I bet Netflix has it!

On another note of Lee Pace ( Roy), Pushing Dasies has 3 lost episodes that they are playing on Saturday nights. This was one of my favorite shows last year and I have been soooo bummed that it was cancelled. It was absolutely stunning visually and just so different from what is on t.v. Deffinetly worth checking it out if you have some spare time.

Well I'm going to go enjoy my movie and eat some dinner!



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