Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Having a real job

drains all the creativity out of my bones. I really miss being home. I have such a hard time being creative and even at a minimum thinking of things to blog about! What a drag this real job business is!

I'm super envious of this blogger/etsian. I would LOVE to be home and paint and travel doing craft shows. The only problem....I don't really paint. Haha! I have finally finished my unicorn t-shirt print and once I get my model all set up I will be putting these bad boys up on Etsy for sale. They will be the same price as the mustaches ($15.00). Right now we are living in a shoe box but one day I dream of having a seperate studio off of the house in which I can create in a whirlwind of creativity. I swoon over these wonderful spaces and of course I will hav a giant moustache light on my wall!

I love the bookcase of supplies and giant scissors and the busy curtains! Love Love it all!

I love this table...Though I'm afraid mine would be come a mail sorter!

All images from todays blog



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