Monday, June 8, 2009

It's a brand new week

and hopefully my mood cheers up. The vette and my hussy are in the shop right now. The Sassy ( the vette) needed some of her original ventilation stuff put back on to her to pass CA smog check and Hussy ( the crv) is getting an iv hooked up to see what is going on. Its been stressful but Sassy is only going to be a couple of hundred to fix and hopefully Hussy will only be a couple of hundred as well. I'm very relieved to find a good mechanic. I "think" he's a good mechanic. He seems very knowledgeable and honest about the work he is going to do. Also, if he thinks it might be less he tells you up front and quotes you the higher amount so you are prepared. We will see when I get Hussy and Sassy back from the doctor.

I thought I'd give some props to some lovely girls blogs that I love reading. So check em out if you are bored

From L-R: Erin-SoZealous, Leslie-Urbanestics and Sarah-Good Posture

I had the pleasure to meet these awesome girls when I went to visit Leslie in Des Moines. Leslie and Sarah are co-running a business urbanposture on Etsy and doing several shows on their own and Erin has her own business sozealous revamping awesome vintage pieces and sells them in local shops in Des Moines, IA. Anyways, these girls are awesome and bring some creativity to the handmade/upcycle scene.

On that note, I'm going to get back to my cleaning!


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Leslie said...

Thank you for your sweet words about all our stuff!

I hope that your vehicles are up a running soon and that it doesn't take all your shopping money to fix. ;)