Tuesday, June 9, 2009

New shoessssssssssssssesies

I went to run some errands yesterday and stopped in at Ross Dress for Less..similar to TJ maxx if you arent familiar with Ross. I found these two pairs of shoes and had to have them! I havne't bought real dress sandals in like 2 years. I'm having a hardtime commiting to some and these were cheap $15.99 so I figured If I wear them once at least I'll have used my money but hopefully I'll get lots of wear out of them. The other ones are the little sassy purple faux croc flats. I have a purple belt that I like to wear but I really wanted matching shoes and voila I found these for $11.99. Not to shappy coming out of Ross with two pairs of shoes for $28.00 plus tax. Sometimes you just gotta wait for the good stuff to come to you.

I think I'm going to head down to forever 21 today and see if I can snag some shirts. I really want something cute and F21 provides me with that. I am very seasonal and like to get new clothes every couple of months. So I really should restrict myself to only shopping at F21 but their return policy really irks me! You can't get your money back you can only exchange it for something else or get a gift card. These are my 2 latest finds. I :heart: them and wore the tunic

to Jack's 25th b-day and the other shirt

I absolutly love and pair it with this summer cardigan from Anthro.

So lets keep our paws crossed that I will be able to find some awesome new stuff today!

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