Thursday, June 25, 2009


Hey Crazy Craigslist Lady!

Why did you text message me at 11:30 on Saturday Night and then get offended when I wanted to see the headboard on Sunday? I know its fathers day but why didnt you wait until monday to respond or say you weren't availble on Sunday when I texted you? Also, why are you ignorning my phone calls. If its sold just let me know! You crazy craigslist lady!

I REALLY hate craigslist sometimes! I found the p-e-r-f-e-c-t headboard for our bed on CL and now this crazy lady will not call me back. Its still on the website as availble..So i'm trying to figure out why she doesn't want my money! Its just as good as everyone else!!!!!

p.S. This is what I imagine her to be like.

P.P.S. I think its really gross to let cats on a table, (but I think that might be a landing on a stair) either way its still gross!

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