Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Why Hello There..

So I'm back and in somewhat action. I caught some type of bug on the plane and I feel sleepy and sickly. I went home to celebrate my big brother's 30th birthday party. It was lots of fun and got to see lots of my old crushes ( mostly his friends) and some of my old girlfriends. I love this picture of us. We both look so happy! This is about 5 minutes after he was surprised.

So part of my job for my brothers bday party was to put together a photo board. While looking through photos I found this polaroid .
This is quite an embarrasing story I have but lets just lay it out. When I was younger I had a brilliant idea to take a picture of the movie free willy and take the picture to school and show everyone that I had been at the filming of free willy. Now when I had planned this event I was pretty sure that the tv and surrounding area wouldn't be in the Polaroid but apparently I'm not as good a polaroid-taker as I thought. I even cut the corners and labeled the photo just incase someone didnt know who's movie I had been at.. hahaa...Its such an embarrasing thing but its brought back many laughs and lots of tears when I found the actual polaroid.

Alright, heres to the week almost being 1/2 over!

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