Friday, June 26, 2009


Hi Mr. Rent Check-

I know that you come every month and I know that you are a pretty stable guy and you always want the same amount, but I really dont want to pay you this month. I really would rather put that money in my savings account ( or buy everything off my wishlist at Anthropologie)

So speaking of Anthro. I am searching for a bedframe for our bedroom and I love this one from anthro. Its absolutely amazing ( and $5,500) eek! Ok. So that is way out of my budget I was thinking like $200 max...Maybe $500 if I bought it from a store. Welp! Why do I torture myself by looking at things like this!


So anways, I guess I'll be sending that icky poo rent check in a few days and sleeping on a bedframeless bed!

So enough depressing blogs! Jeez! I'm uber excited for my Salsa Dance Class tonight!!

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