Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy Sunday

How was everyone's 4th? We spent our Friday and Saturday hanging around the beach and home and drinking. It all started on Thursday night with gigantic margaritas
and continued on the beach on friday with gigantic german beers and ended with a lovely dinner at my favorite restaurant, Cliff's Edge with Nikki and Jaie.

Saturday we spent lollygagging around. I had to return a dress to macy's and we wanted to catch an early showing of Public Enemies. It was awesome. I loved the makeup/costumes/music/everything. For me the movie really romanticized the era of gangsters and robbing banks. I love the way they talk and the outfits people wore for everyday chores. To me it was a great movie and the story wasn't too shabby. After the movie we headed to whole foods to pick up some necessary 4th of July nom noms. We ended up with 2 different kinds of veggie dogs ( the yves veggie dogs blow but these other apple sage sausages were amazing), two lobsters tails ( which mine was in-edible because it was spewing dark green gunk from its top and I was tooo grossed out) , corn on the cob, and some potato salad.
We had the watermelon at home and chowed on the rest until I tried to eat my lobster tail and it was soooo icky.
Even the doggies got a little bit of 4th of July tasties. Excuse mr. marley's ass it looks like a hot mess right now he is in desperate need of a grooming but its a little expensive!

P.S. I love their little round butts. They hardly sit like this, really only when they are getting treats, but its so cute!

We went and saw fireworks ( which were slighlty unimpressive. I guess I am spoiled by the banging job my hometown does or maybe its the fact that the last 5 minutes of the fireworks in Racine your heart is pounding because they blast off what seems like 50 fireworks right in a row. Anways, afterwards we saw My sisters keeper. This was a heart wrenching movie. I haven't read the book but it was a great movie. Cameron Diaz did an amazing job in a very serious roll. The family seemed geniune and not just a bunch of actors slapped together. It was a great movie in my opinion and worth the tears but I probably will never want to watch it again.

Hope the 4th of July has treated you all well. This was a great weekend of movie watching, hanging around and enjoying friends company.



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