Thursday, March 18, 2010

Only once a year...

do I ever want a Shamrock Shake. I don't even really like them but its more of an irrational desire and a need to celebrate the holiday! ( Not like Eggnog latte's which are the devil reincarnated every Christmas...its seriously the best thing ever) Anyways, after dinner we put on our shoes and we walked (~ 3 miles round trip) to get a minty Leprechauny treat last night. It took almost an hour round trip but it made the badness of the shake not as bad. FYI, in case you're thinking about getting one, the shake has 82 grams of sugar or roughly 1/3c of sugar. Wow-za good thing I had ballet class and we walked ~3 miles to get this shake last night.

So we tried to take a picture of us enjoying the shakes but a few problems 1) camera phones really aren't very useful at night 2) I look awful after ballet class 3) I'm in the shadow of Jack's head. 4) I dropped the color in photoshop but I'm not sure if it helped or just made it worse...oh well.

Hope everyone had a wonderfully green holiday yesterday!


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