Thursday, March 25, 2010

Heaping Mess of Jewelry

Since I'm fun-employed I'm really trying to get my life/house in order while I have the time. I'm painstakingly going through boxes of crap, rearranging my closet, getting rid of clothes that are out of style/don't fit, and etc... One of my projects that has been kind of collecting everyday is my jewelry stand. The little necklace tree I have was practically falling over from the weight of too many necklaces and just looked like a mess, which in turn makes the whole area look like a mess even when its not. Today, I spent nearly an hour untangling, organizing, sorting and cleaning up this hot mess of a necklace rack.



It's not perfect but right now it is separated by silver and gold jewelry. I'm trying to employ an idea that if I don't wear/use something in a year it needs to get moved to either the donate bin or into hiding until I'm ready to part with it.

Sorry for such a short post but I'm off to get sushi with Jack for dinner. Our favorite waitress works on Thursdays nights so we want to go while she's there!


P.S. Does anyone else think that tarnished cheap jewelry smells awful? So many of my cheapie/fashiony necklaces from forever 21 are tarnished and smell awful. Blech.

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