Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Great Cookie Debacle of 2010

Last night I had a vision, I was at whole foods and I wanted to make something simple for dessert and suddenly it hit me. Dark chocolate chip cookies with chopped dried cherries. It'd be the chocolate and cherry version of oatmeal raisin cookies. I knew this was going to be amazing. I would win an award for the best new novel cookie creation. OK, maybe that isn't going to happen but I was happy with my ingenuity.

Now someone else that I live with doesn't like soft doughy cookies. He likes them crisp and chewy. So here is where my problems started. Trying to please others. It just doesn't work. Just kidding. I was happy to find a recipe that would work for both of us. I don't care what texture my cookies hold as long as they taste excellent. So I did a quick google search for thin, crispy chewy chocolate chip cookies. I found this recipe from Sunset, a legit source or so I thought. I mean come on Sunset you're one of my favorite travel/food magazines out there but you did me wrong.

This is what I wanted.

This is what I got.

Also, as a side note, this is one of the best looking cookies from the batch. I have more cookie crumble gooey messes than what you see above.

So here is my problem. What did I do wrong? There were 8 reviews. 1 was bad and 7 were excellent to good. So...what did myself and this other reviewer do wrong? The cookies taste fantastic in case you were wondering. I highly recommend the dark chocolate/dried cherry combo.

I've been researching the reasons why my cookies failed. Apparently making candy isn't the only temperamental kitchen art. So are cookies. Too much flour, not enough water, shortening vs. butter, longer cooking time, higher temperature. The amount of variations from recipe to recipe can drive a person bonkers who just wants a reliable source. I should have gone with the Nestle's toll house recipe but instead I try to get fancy. Serves me right.

To end this in a postive light. I purchased a new jacket/shirt that I can't seem to take off.

I love it. I bought it at GAP when Leslie was here visiting. I scoffed at the price $79.50. I put it on hold promising myself that if I couldn't stop thinking about it I'd go back and buy it. Guess what after a couple of hours of shopping I passed up Louis Vuittons, Tiffanys and the sort to go back to GAP and get my new friend. Since the picture absolutely sucks that I took here is another example of it.

So far I've worn it with jeans and cute ballet flats, black t-shirt and black yoga pants with flip flops and the outfit you are seeing jeans, black tank top, and tall boots. LOVE IT. go buy one. I imagine jacket and I will be friends for many many years. I can imagine the safaris I'll take in it, visiting the Eiffel tower, and drinking beer in Belgium all while wearing my favorite jacket. P.S. it looks super cute with a black scarf. I'm completely smitten with this jacket if you can't already tell.

Ok, crazy over now.


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Jo said...

That is a super cute jacket! I can totally see why you are smitten!