Monday, March 8, 2010

Almost 1/3 of the way there!

Last year I posted this blog. On April 1st, 2010. I will be 1/3 the way through my goal of completing 101 things in 1001 days. I thought today would be a good day to see where I am with my list.

  1. Go somewhere that requires a passport (preferably somewhere across the Atlantic Ocean) This is planned for Fall 2010. Keeping fingers crossed on this one.
  2. Visit Seattle
  3. Re-visit Portland
  4. Visit Canada
  5. Take a road trip in the Corvette
  6. Go to the East Coast
  7. Stay at an Ace Hotel Property
  8. Take a girls only trip every year
  9. Take 1 pleasure trip a year with lover
  10. Visit Momma Lee in Mississippi
  11. Go camping, not Glamping
  12. Spend New Years somewhere fun
  1. Obtain a job in production work
  2. Have my name published on a movie
  3. Continue to increase Jack and Till
  4. Fully commit to putting 5 hrs a week into Jack and Till
  5. Create 1 new item a month for Jack and Till
  6. Send out at least 1 resume a week until I land my dream job
  7. Don't settle for a job that will leave my unhappy
  8. Go to handmade craft fairs for inspiration
  9. Get a booth at said handmade craft fairs - renegade, felt club xl etc..
  10. Look into creating a business with a friend who would help to inspire and push me to do more with Jack and Till
  11. Go to local businesses about selling my products in their store
  1. Plan our wedding
  2. Try to buy as much local and organic foods as possible
  3. Support my local businesses instead of buying from chains (excluding Whole Foods)
  4. Organize the garage
  5. Stay on top of laundry
  6. Stay on top of keeping the house clean
  7. Think before arguing
  8. Do 1 nice thing for Jack a week
  9. Make popovers 1x a month
  10. Drink more mimosas aka enjoy life more!
  11. Work on letting go of people who aren't important to my well being
  12. Go to yoga 2x a month
  13. Try to only say nice things about people
  14. Go see a concert at the Hollywood Bowl before the summer is over
  15. Get a game night started 1x a month and rotate people's houses
  16. Have a summer party at the new place
  1. Pay off my car
  2. Pay off the vette
  3. Look into buying a house (even as a rental property in another state)
  4. Save at least 10% of our salary ( that stays in the account for a rainy day)
  5. Spend less on clothes
  6. Stop buying frivolous junk
  7. Donate to charities
  8. Eat out less, cook in more
  9. See more movies at home and less in the theaters
  10. Use our Entertainment Book more often to save money when we do go out
  11. Stop being frivolous!!!
  12. Cash in our coins and do something fun with the money
  13. Pay all of our bills on time
  14. Put an extra $5 on every bill that has a revolving balance
  15. Stop using credit cards completely unless its an emergency
  16. Get rid of one item when a new item comes in the house
Personal Goals
  1. Learn En Pointe
  2. Go to the gym 1x a week minimum
  3. Go to 1 ballet class a week minimum
  4. Ride my bike more places and take the car less
  5. Try surfing 1x
  6. Take more pictures of places and things I do
  7. Call my grandma 1x a month
  8. Send grandma a letter 1x a month
  9. Call my mom more often/ or take her calls when she calls me
  10. Organize photo's and get rid of blurry ones
  11. Get rid of multiples ( old laptops, old desktops, old monitors, old chords, etc..)
  12. Use the Laundry basket instead of the floor
  13. Get rid of junk mail right away
  14. Do the dishes everyday
  15. Make a new friend
  16. Complete my 101 goals by 4/1/2012

  1. Write a new blog 2x a week, preferably more but at a minimum
  2. Take pictures for my blog
  3. Expand my reader base
  4. Comment more on other blogs I read
  5. Start back up Jack and Till's blog
  6. Meet a fellow blogger - maybe AEIP
  7. Support my fellow bloggers in my own blog
  8. Twitter more often- it has its good points
  9. Encourage 1 person to create a blog
  10. Encourage 1 person to continue to blog when they've fallen by the wayside
  11. Don't let this post slip into the abyss of blogging!
  1. Get Hussy's window fixed
  2. Get Hussy's SRS button fixed
  3. Take Hussy and Sassy in for regular checkups
  4. Get oil changes on a regular basis not every 7,00 miles...whoops
  5. Keep the interior of the cars clean and wash them


I believe I'm about 15 short of my goal so I'm going to leave this open for goals that I come up with on this journey. After all completing all of these goals will be a big journey.

  1. - Watch more documentaries
  2. - visit the library and take advantage of the free books!
  3. - participate in a cake night 1x a month
  4. - try to be nicer to people
  5. - brush the dogs every other day
  6. -
  7. -
  8. -
  9. -
  10. -
  11. -
  12. -
  13. -
  14. -
  15. -
  16. -

So out of 101 goals I have around 45-50 of these goals completed or I am doing them on a daily basis. To be honest, I haven't thought a lot about what I wrote here almost a whole year ago but I must have put in my sub conscious. We have almost fulfilled all of our financial goals in a year. The cars probably won't get paid off before 4/2/12 because I have other smaller debts that are more hazardous to my financial health than my car debts are but I will continue to make my normal +$5 payments on my bills until they are all paid off!

I'm quite proud of where I am right now in less than a 1/3rd of my time to be at goal. I also added five new goals that previously I had not thought of.

What are your goals? Do you have a 101 in 1001 days lists? If so, I'd love to read it!!



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