Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Coffee Table

I want a new one. This is my current coffee table but dyed the darker stain.

It was formerly our dining room table so when we moved we bought this new table.

Then we ended up cutting down the legs on the top table so it was proper coffee table height but I hate how it looks.

These are few options from room and board that I like.

Love this molded plywood Eames duplicate.

But what I'm really in love with is this type of coffee table

Ok, so when looking over the differences in my furniture I get it. There is a huge leap between this and an Eames molded plywood table. I guess my style is similar to Anthropologie/Eclectic. I want something funky/interesting/ or I want something classic. Argh. The dilemmas. Also right now our coffee table currently has a couple of baskets underneath it to store things that we have no place to put. If I switch to one of these coffee tables that would have to be eliminated. Another big issue for concern. Le sigh what is a girl to do.

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