Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Happy Tuesday Loveys!

So yesterday was a crazy amazing day for Jack and myself! We bought a car! Jack truly hates his current automobile. I dont blame him, its ugly and an old man car but it worked for many years and we couldn't really afford a car payment until now anyways. So my stepdad went and picked out the car last night and he's going to finish paying for it on Wednesday and he wants to do a few minor tuneups before he puts it on a truck to come out to us.



We are getting a white with red leather, pretty much looks like this but I pulled this one off of Google. I'm pretty stoked for it to be here! The top is a t-top ( so 2 panels come off ) and you basically have a convertible!


Kidssssssss! I am sooo excited! I am dreaming of the trips we will be taking up the PCH!

Also, wanted to mention if anyone is looking for a gym memebership that 24hr fitness is running an amazing special. I had to pay $199 up front with no initiaion fees/1stmonth/regulargymbullshit fees. So it works out to be $16.58 per month or I figure $4 a week. It makes it very non-commital to me. So if I dont go for a month I dont feel like I'm throwing away lots of money




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Leslie said...

OOOOOh, so exciting! I can just see John driving that car.

So are you coming to see me?