Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Anthropologie Love

So I'm a HUGE fan of anthro. I'm not even sure if words can describe the euphoria i get when i walk into their store. I can always find something I want/need there. On one of my other daily blogs I read I found the blog of their creative display manager. OMG. I recently just saw the wisteria tree display at the El Segundo Anthro and I wanted to rip it off the wall and take it to my house. I absolutly love love love love it! its so dreamy and delicate and springy. Anways, check out her blog here. What a dream job to be the display coordinator for anthro.

Earth Day Display

Pretty summer dresses. I love the blue and white dress but i'm too short for it :(

Love this display...I might need to steal this idea!

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Jasmine said...

the only problem with anthropologie is that they don't pay their employees enough, and they don't really offer any incentive to stay unless you're a manager. i used to work there, and the only benefit on top of my $9 an hour was the 40% discount which didn't even apply to sale items. in other words, it still wasn't enough (because their clothes are so expensive), and all my paychecks pretty much went back into anthropologie.

i still love them though. and i do miss my discount.

and one of those pictures you posted is from my store!!

the visual team at my store was ahhhhmazing. they do the most beautiful displays. i just want to live in one of the stores. so inspiring!